3 Slot Winners That Hit The Jackpot

3 Slot Winners That Hit The Jackpot Slot machines are said to account for 70% of the big casinos profits. Quite remarkable when you think they equate to billions of pounds in revenue. When you consider the average casino cut from slots is 3% just think of the money put in those machines. Personally, I find the old style fruit machines and one-armed bandits more interesting than these multi-lines which make understanding whether you have won or not difficult. If you want to be a big winner then play progressive slots. Take a look at these players who literally pocketed a fortune.

1) $39.7M

Venue – Excaliber Casino, Las Vegas

Winner: Anonymous

Date: 21st March, 2003

Story: A 25-year-old software engineer asked for anonymity after winning this colossal payout on the Las Vegas strip. He bet $100 and looking after for a moment turned to see the winning symbols lined up.

He said: ‘’I’m still stunned; it doesn’t seem real yet. Both my parents are still working, so some of this money will be used to fund their retirement.’’

2) $34.9M

Venue: Desert Inn Casino, Las Vegas

Winner: Cynthia Jay Brennan

Date: 28th January, 2000

Story: The cocktail waitress won the second largest payout after changing her normal routine. She said: ‘I had played the $21 I usually play and turned round and was going to leave but decided to put another $6 in and the last $3 hit the jackpot. So she bet $27 before lining up the three Megabucks symbols which had been the talk of the state for several months.

‘It’s unbelievable. I’ve been in shock. I didn’t sleep much last night.’

She said she would share her winnings with boyfriend and Monte Carlo hotel-casino co-worker Terry Brennan.

She continued: ‘The money might change me but the people I had in my life last week are going to be the people who are in my life next week.’

3) $27.5M

Venue: Palace Station Resort, Las Vegas

Winner: Anonymous

Date: 18th November, 1998

Story: The 67-year-old long time Las Vegas resident hit the jackpot while waiting for a table in one of the resort’s restaurants. Wishing to keep her anonymity, she said: ‘I want to still go to the supermarket without being recognised.’

She continued: ‘Everyone will be taken care of…’ meaning the casino employees would get a big tips.

Intending to spend $100 she continued and won the jackpot playing $240.