5 Crazy Facts You Wouldn’t Believe About Casinos

5 Crazy Facts You Wouldn’t Believe About CasinosImage by katemangostar on Freepik

You’re probably saying: ‘I could tell you 100 crazy facts about the casino just around the corner.’ Establishments across the world are a melting pot of different people, money and aspiration. For some it’s a simple night out while others may be money laundering, testing a new system on the roulette table or have hopes of being a professional gambler. For most, a trip to the casino is about a little bit of fun with a hope of winning some cash. On the spectrum of crazy facts you have the stories from the average punter to those which really do take some believing. These next five facts really do push the boundaries.

1) Inmates Had A Casino In Prison

I’m not sure what percentage of inmates are there through bad bets, stealing to play the slots of even murdering the poor soul who took their money. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The state of Nevada has probably seen and heard everything to the point of being pretty liberal for a prison. Believe it or not, but Nevada prison used to have a casino for inmates. Who doesn’t like a bet and the inmates were no different. Unfortunately, in 1967 a warden shut the casino down.

2) This Casino Is So Small It Doesn’t Even Have An Address

I’ve been to many Grosvenor casinos in the UK. One of my favourites being at Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk coast. I’ve never heard about the smallest casino as it is mobile in the back of a moving London cab. It has a gaming table with a dealer, chips, a TV showing sports and even a bar. Even more reason to give that taxi a call.

3) The Numbers On A Roulette Wheel Equal 666

The sign of the devil. You know, some people call a pack of playing cards the devil’s bible. Is gambling a sin in the eyes of God? Well, if you are looking for another sign then all roulette players should remember that all the numbers equal 666. Some call it the devil’s wheel.

4) The Ultimate Fruit Machine

I guess this is why some people call them fruit machines? It might be due to the fruit symbols on the reels. However, it is a fact that the early fruit machines didn’t pay out money they paid chewing gum and the symbols related tot he flavours. All this is part of the slots history.

5) The Biggest Casino Jackpot Win

These progressive slots can change someone’s life. And that’s exactly what happened when an anonymous player turned up at Las Vegas Excalibur Casino with $100. The Megabucks slot must have been warming up nicely as his small wager turned into $39.7 million jackpot prize.