5 Different People You Will Meet At The Casino

5 Different People You Will Meet At The CasinoThe next time you visit a casino stop and look around. Who are your fellow gamblers? In truth every casino is a melting pot of many and varied people. Those super rich to others who are desperate and looking to change their luck. Not forgetting the regular faces who keep most casinos afloat. What’s better than people watching? There are so many characters who kind of make you grimace to a big broad smile. But which 5 kind of people have I clocked at the casino and what is the story for each of these groups?

1) The Regular Face

These punters don’t have to be locals but the chances are they don’t travel too far afield and they are known by all the staff. If they are big bettors you can guarantee their name is known and often spoken while at the table. Like ‘Graham’ at Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino. A man who isn’t out of his depth betting 10K a night. I wonder if he has any money left? The regulars are a mix of the good, bad and ugly. Those who have cash to burn and those who are borderline addicts. Most aren’t well dressed and only there for the gamble. They really wouldn’t care if the place was empty as long as they get their fix.

2) Arm Candy

There’s usually some old bloke with a suitcase full of money with a girl half his age hanging onto his arm. A super model look contrasting with an ugly mug but a sugar daddy who has plenty of cash to burn. As far as betting goes, he’s more interested in betting like a high-roller because he knows – with a bit of luck – that his payout will come at the end of the evening in some swish hotel. Yes, I’m a cynical so and so. Good luck to him or her and I say that with all honesty. If I had a wad of cash on the hip, I’d be betting like a King. Where would the casino be without a sprinkling of arm candy, a dolly bird, or your old gran dressed up to the nines?

3) The Vagrant Looking For His Next Meal

The chances are you won’t see these characters inside the casino but you can guarantee they will appear on your walk to the casino rather than leaving, when you might be broke. The amount of times I’ve walked toward the Grosvenor Casino at Great Yarmouth and someone has asked me for some change, a cup of tea or a meal is pretty high. Being a caring soul I usually give the individual a couple of quid. I often question whether they are actually homeless or struggling at all. Who knows? I can’t imagine they are asking for no reason but I’d love to hear the true story of the vagabonds.

4) The Rich Couple Who Don’t Mix

There is a share of rich people at the casino. Even rich people like to lose a few quid! Only joking. Like everyone else, they want a good night out, have a gamble, perhaps a meal in the restaurant and go home driven by Jeeves in a Silver Cloud Rolls Royce. What these rich couple don’t do is mix well with the lower classes. I remember my cousin chatting with this rich couple at the bar. Initially all was going well until my cousin turned the air blue with a few choice words. As this was natural discourse for the Fen Boys it didn’t register that anything was wrong until the elderly lady – akin to Hyacinth Bucket – looked horrified and muttered her disapproval and my cousin’s brother excused his language and the couple moved on. It was all very funny to watch from afar.

5) The Conman, Pickpocket and Would-be Mugger

I don’t like to be too critical but where there’s money there’s someone who is looking for an easy ride. So always be on your lookout for anyone who is a little too friendly, takes note you’ve been winning and wants to buy you a few shorts to tip you over the edge. They may help you to your taxi, but the chances are your wallet will have vanished when you arrive at your destination to pay. Always be careful.

I wonder what people you’ve noticed at the casino?

Photo: Pixabay (free)