5 Games To Play At The Casino

5 Games To Play At The CasinoWe all have our favourite casino games. Some like blackjack while you’re old aunt loves to choose her date of birth on the roulette. For many, the reason why they play a game is what they had some luck at back in the past. I’ve had many nights at the casino and tried different games. Some were better than others. Here’s my 5 games (played or not) and my positives and negatives for each.

1) Roulette –

Let’s start with one of my favourites. I’m not sure how popular or not the spin of the wheel is compared to other games but it’s one I find myself playing and I’ve been quite lucky too. Over the years, betting small money, I have won a good few hundred. Most people don’t believe it’s possible but I’ve tasted success. I have a very boring approach that sees me betting on the same number all night long. Yes, it is like watching paint dry but this approach seems to work and shown a profit.

Positives: Getting match bets can put the odds in your favour to win. Betting small stakes on a single number means you cannot lose too fast. If one or two numbers come up you are likely to break level or show a profit.

Negative: Can be pretty repetitive and boring after an hour or so.

2) 3-Card Poker

I’ve played this game a couple of times. My cousins love it and have won and lost a lot of money over the years. There is no skill involved. You simply bet on the outcome of your hand (before it is dealt) and hope beyond hope you win. You have to pay the ante which can erode your money over time. I often play pair+ which means you are hoping for a prial, straight or flush to give you wins up to 30/1. A straight flush (3 in sequence suited) pays 40/1. It’s a fun game, where you often get a chance to talk with other players and croupier. I think the casino edge is pretty high on pair+ which takes your money over time.

Positive: Fun to play and makes a change from roulette. If you get on a run of luck you can make good money. It’s a game you don’t need any skill to play and you can sit down in comfort and chat with friends or others at the table.

Negative: I’ve won easier more money at roulette. I think the casino edge is pretty hard going. I’ve had a very good evening and had umpteen winning hands and I was surprised how little money I was winning. Also, the hands come round pretty fast if there are only a couple of you playing and you can’t really sit out a hand like roulette.

3) Blackjack –

I don’t think I’ve ever played blackjack at the local casinos in the UK but my brother has a few times. He’s done OK and made some money by getting lucky. It’s a simple game and you can bet small or large stakes so you can easily sit at the table for an hour or two without burning through your money. It does have an element of skill it twisting or sticking. If you are into your card counting you may have the odds in your favour. However, it doesn’t take much working out that you are playing the casino at their own game and they may well ask you to leave.

Positives: It’s easy to play and not a bad game to enjoy an hour or two of play. If you get away with card counting, you could have a very good night. It’s a decent game for the novice as well as the pro gambler. Can’t knock it.

Negatives: If you are thinking about card counting you may well have a short-lived visit.

4) Poker –

The casino usually offer poker with a set buy-in. I don’t play poker and really don’t know the rules which may sound usual for a gambling man. My mate Eric always tells me how easy it is to play. I’ve heard of a few people who have made a killing and won a few grand. I think I would rather watch than play. It’s a skill-based game so if you have a little bit of luck and skill you could be onto a winner.

Positives: A game based on skill so you could be the best on the table. Not a great deal of money to enter and a good pot to win.

Negatives: You need to learn the rules and be proficient to have any real hope of winning a competition.

5) Slots –

I have played the slot before. The trouble with most of these machine and multi lines is that you really don’t know what is going on. You can win good money if you get lucky but they can be a money pit if you get too comfy. Personally, they do nothing for me and I would rather play the old style one-armed bandits which are more interesting. However, the slots are a big part of the casino and they make the majority of their cash.

Positives: Easy to play. Comfortable sitting in your chair and getting free soft drinks, tea and coffee all night. You can win big money if you get lucky.

Negatives: Very easy to lose track of time and money playing the slots. Also, one of the most addictive forms of gambling. It can be difficult to stop once you start pressing that button. Best to stop at a certain point and have a breather to reassess your losses (or wins).