5 Lessons New Gamblers Need To Learn

5 Lessons New Gamblers Need To LearnGambling. Life’s a gamble. But as a newbie to sports betting, do you have the odds in your favour? Do you fancy your chances to beat the bookies? The only reason you would say yes is because you know the strength of the information you have compared to others. If you don’t know more than most then you are a loser waiting to happen. It’s virtually impossible for you to beat an informed layer because it’s their job to work harder and know more. That’s why winning money gambling is so difficult. Because, in truth, it has nothing to do with money. It is all to do with knowledge and experience. These 5 lessons will help new gamblers understand what they need to know to make that journey one of profit rather than loss and despair.

1) Knowledge Is Power

Without question, what sets one gambler apart from another is what they know. It’s not even about who you know because if you rely on someone else to put you ahead of the game you will always be at the mercy of that person. And let’s be honest, why are they going to do you a favour? The day they walk away you have nothing. Being a very good gambler isn’t about being the best on planet Earth. It’s not about winning a gold medal. Simply, you need to be better than most at what you do. That may not be as challenging as you think. Why? Because most punters are lazy and don’t learn from their mistakes. They never move forward relying on a basic approach which leaves them vulnerable to any layer worth their salt.

2) Knowing Your Niche

Do you want to be specific or general? How can you know everything? You can’t. And the realisation of a gambler with a brain is that you don’t need to have an all-encompassing knowledge. Less is more. Know your niche. That is one of the greatest lessons you will ever learn. If you enjoy horse racing then choose an age group, race type or even trainer. Know that information better than anyone you know. Instantly, you set yourself apart and you are an authority on your chosen subject. Don’t be the jack of all trades and master of none. When I hear a punter saying they bet on the Flat, National Hunt, Football and enjoy a bit of card counting at he casino on a weekend I have this thought. Either they have the brain of Einstein or they are an idiot. They are all but certainly the latter. It is impossible to know more than someone who follows a niche because there simply isn’t enough hours in the day. It’s impossible. Not only that, it’s needless.

3) Bet Small But Think Big

Remember your niche. Knowledge is power. Gambling is about being informed and not the money in your purse. You don’t want to start by betting big money because you are honing your skills. You want to maximise your knowledge via experience and then maximise your profits. This isn’t done by going crazy and betting money you can’t afford to lose. Before you know it, your gambling will be about the money rather than your wisdom. You have it the wrong way around. Bet small money and assess your success. Every winner is saying yes and every loser saying no. Listen to these winners and losers because they are trying to direct your understanding. Why did that horse lose? Why did that horse Win? These results are pinpointing your strength and weakness. If you learn from these polar opposites you will progress to being the best in your field. Don’t take second best. Ultimately, you set your own standards.

4) Reinforce The Positive With Professionalism

Everything you do needs to be done with reason built via wisdom. This comes from working in a standardised fashion so you are able to measure your results and replicate your working process. If you don’t follow this professional approach you will not have answers to questions. Without these you will react by emotions, often knee-jerk reactions. This is devoid of intelligence and will simply create bad habits which take time to resolve and get back on track to a more simple plan. Do not bet on anything unless it is with understanding and ultimately value. Without value you are not going to make a profit.

5) Polishing The Stone

When you have an understanding of your niche and what it takes to make money you simply refine this with small adjustments. It is akin to polishing a stone to make it shine. You don’t need to chop off giant chunks because you will destroy what you have worked so hard to achieve. Even with the best knowledge you will have times when you have losing runs. Hold your nerve and carry on regardless. Be very careful to not over adjust thinking you need to do something different. The chances are keeping to your set approach will have you finding winners rather than not. Gambling isn’t for most because it is like any other job.

Photo: Pixabay (free)