5 Reasons To Think Before You Bet At The Casino

5 Reasons To Think Before You Bet At The CasinoI’ve notice something interesting about people who gamble. Even those who in everyday life are intelligent and sapient . For some reason, when their mind turns to gambling, all sense evaporated from their being. It’s as though logic and reasoning turned left at the last exit. They drove past a man dressed in a clown outfit with a parrot on one arm and didn’t notice anything strange although he was holding a sign saying: ‘Don’t bet at the casino.’

They just carried on as if Homer Simpson.

This is a terrible news.

It’s a guarantee they will lose money and probably create a bad habit which lasts a lifetime.

A life of losing money.

If you bet for fun, the buzz, think gambling is a way to easy money then these 5 pointers will, hopefully, bring you back to consciousness.

1) Betting For Fun

I don’t like people who say they bet for fun when compared to a knowledgable gambler who has invested time, energy and money to learn a skill. Clearly, beyond card counting or cheating, there is no skill to win at the casino because they aren’t – with the exception of poker – based on talent. They are betting fixed odds. The house edge tells you the story. Long term, you are guaranteed to lose. For most people betting is about fun. But you should always be careful when gambling because it can build bad habits which can be very costly over a short or long time of betting. Bet what you can afford to lose is a fair measure but even that is working from a negative. If you lose a few grand a year then I suggest you stop and you spend your money on other pursuits. You will find more enjoyment.

2) Betting For The Buzz

Another term which you often hear bandied around. The buzz, I imagine, being a release of neurotransmitters within the grey matter such a dopamine and that feel good factor which comes with thoughts of winning easy cash. Clearly, all gamblers must be a victim of the buzz which is that feeling which excites. But what I would say is don’t let it be the only reason to gamble. This can be addictive and you simply look to feed the need. Once again, if you are losing money hand over fist, you need to stop and think about what you are doing. Very few people stop to assess their day, month or life and this is a valuable tool you need to bring things to consciousness and act appropriately. I hate to say it, but if I hear someone say they bet for the buzz I conclude their isn’t any skill involved and not much thinking either. It’s a recipe for disaster.

3) Betting Without Learning

It might not have registered with you but you have the capacity to learn lessons from your gambling. Not just about the bet at that moment but appreciation of the world at large. I doubt this happens to many gamblers because they simply haven’t even thought about their actions or reason for betting in the first place. Individuals are betting without understanding or learning. I’ve seen people betting a whole lifetime and they haven’t actually learned one thing over the years. It’s akin to some going to university for 25-years and not learning anything let alone a degree. This kind of gambling is senseless and stupid. Most of these people don’t even register their limitation. They should by the money they lose. I remember my good friend asking someone: ‘How you make your selection within horse racing?’ He said: ‘Like everyone else.’ Most people bet without thinking or learning. It’s a problem.

4) Betting Is A fools Game

This is the anti gambler mentality. They reason it’s impossible to beat the bookies. It’s impossible to beat the casino. It’s impossible to beat the system. You know why it’s impossible? Because they believe it to be the case. How is it, that people have literally made billions from each and everyone of these impossibilities! In truth, any gamble is the same. If you had a mathematical equation for a stockbroker to a punter on the horses, to business deal, it’s all very much the same thing. But somehow people imagine there is a difference. Those who do not gambler or consider what they could learn from gambling are actually cheating themselves of valuable knowledge which could positively impact on their life. If someone is anti gambling they truly lack objectivity because they are missing the bigger picture. You don’t have to gamble to appreciate and understanding what can be learned. That’s another fallacy of those who lack intelligence.

5) Betting Small Money

For many gamblers they have to push the limits to get the buzz. There is no sense or reason to that understanding. It is brainless. If that’s how you bet then stop. You have no responsibility. You shouldn’t bet. I wouldn’t suggest to anyone that gambling for fun is a good idea. I think it has the potential to build bad habits and they can be detrimental to your mind and finances. Build on the positives of life not the negatives. If you have to bet for fun then bet small money. Bet what you can afford to lose but don’t take those losses lightly. They are important for lots of reasons and in truth are trying to help you find answers to questions. Each loss is indicating you did something wrong. Each win is telling you you did something right. This is only related to skill-based gambling, fixed odds you should be learning how to cheat (because that is the only way you will win long term). It is a mistake if you bet without appreciating the action and reasoning behind the act. Don’t bet without thought. It’s mindless and detrimental.

Photo: Pixabay (free)