5 Reasons Why Gambling Is So Much More Than Money

5 Reasons Why Gambling Is So Much More Than MoneyWithout question, gambling gets a bad press. It’s as though every person who bets on xyz is a loser and even more concerning a victim. However, gambling is much more about the individual than the crowd. There are many who are far from mug punters but investors. Their success is based on skill. Just like the astute stockbroker there are people who have skills which go above and beyond these people who are considered financial advisers. Make no mistake, there are gamblers who are far from victims, born losers or addies frothing at the mouth.

In addition, gambling isn’t all about the money. Because from my professional gambling within horse racing understanding what makes a good and bad bet affords a knowledge that can be used within your life.

Those who fear gambling, view it with a demonic response or view those who know with disdain or question truly skilled individuals are in fact the real losers.

These 5 pointers detail why gambling is much more than money.

1) To be a professional gambler takes years of study and assessment beyond that of a Masters degree or even a PhD. You will not find people with more cutting-edge research and data which backs up their opinion. It’s not baseless. Only those who have little understanding try to limit others. It is a sign of lacking.

2) A true professional gambler doesn’t gamble for the buzz. They don’t bet for fun. Many don’t even like gambling. Full stop. What they understand is knowing when they should bet because it makes sense. A sense based on real knowledge. You look at your everyday person making a decision. Assess their reasoning. So often it is illogical, brainless. These same people would be much wiser individuals for understanding that the pursuit of being a professional gambler leads to greater intelligence.

3) The highest levels of gambler – skill based – aren’t any less than the most astute financial advisers. In fact, the methods a skilled gambler employs has been honed over years. They reinforce good practice and methods which help them win. They understand that betting is not about money it is about knowledge. If you lack knowledge you lose. If you are the font of wisdom you win.

4) Polishing the stone. After years of study the best professional gamblers are looking simply to refine what they have in place. They are original thinkers. They thrive on their understanding and build the strength to appreciate both winning and losing. To your average non gambler you may question what can be appreciated from losing. In fact, it is as important, if not more, than winning.

5) Gambling has a negative image but in truth many of the best investors in the world are tarnished with that word. However, when you consider than many businessmen and women have basically gambled on their success there really is no difference between one thing and another. Winners have the greater understanding.

If you lack understanding it’s painfully foolish to assess the merit of someone who has exceptional skills as negative.

Those people just look at the non gambler with true insight.

They simply smile and walk away.


Photo: Pixabay (free)