5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Gamble

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t GambleEven after some 30+ years of gambling – I’m still learning. Which should tell any novice or would be professional gambler something. It’s far from easy to beat the bookies and impossible (without cheating) to take the casinos for a ride.

True, you can get lucky. I didn’t say you needed skill to make a fortune gambling but if you don’t have knowledge then you had best pray you are that one in a million who strikes it lucky. It happens every day of the year to someone. As the adverts says: ‘’It could be you!’’

Reality says it won’t.

Gambling in films is both glamourised and vilified. James Bond will always win whichever number he chooses. Lady luck won’t just touch his cards!

But should a novice gambler really pin their hopes on making some easy money?

Here are five reasons why you are best keeping your money in your pocket.

1) What Makes A Winner?

You may be thinking if only I had enough money I could make my gambling pay. The idea being that you can bet £10,000 to win £1,000 on every 1/10f and you are guaranteed to win money. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Isn’t it? Sadly, its not that easy at all. In fact, being a successful gambler takes so much time and dedication you may be better off simply getting an average job. Because what makes a professional gambler isn’t really to do with money (you need it to bet that’s for sure) but knowledge is key. And if you think money is hard to come by, then winning knowledge is an even rarer commodity. It will take you years to know that little more than most and there still is no guarantee you will be living the Bond lifestyle.

2) Can You Even Get An Account?

Bookmakers, casinos, and umpteen establishments which encourage you to bet will tell you a different story if they think – let alone show them – you are a winner rather than a loser. They will close your account without any reason. So not only do you need to win money but look like you are a loser (it’s possible but you should know this for yourself). You simply cannot bet and win without someone taking an interest. And trust me, they won’t be wanting to help you win more money.

3) Gambling Is A Full-time Job

You won’t be working the normal 9-5. When all your mates are down the pub on a Saturday evening you will be getting ready for a day if not weekend of bets. You may think all these things can be done earlier and you simply can do as you please without any hindrance to your life or plans. If you believe that, you are living in cloud cuckoo land. Gambling will take over your life. You will feel like you are on a conveyor belt. Keep up or fall behind. Fall behind and you may as well give up. There will always be someone to take advantage of any mistake. You have to be professional at all times.

4) Can You Cope With The Stress?

Gambling is so very easy when everything is going well and the money is flooding in. It’s a joyous time where you live the life of luxury, the jet-set lifestyle, everything is possible and then it all goes wrong. It might not, but you will be wise to consider how do you cope when that losing run goes on and on and you fear it will never end? Your ample supply of money is dwindling and you start to question what you are thinking or doing. You are looking for answers to questions. And that is even more of a worry than the predicament you are already in. Because you will often swap one problem with another until you have no confidence left to bet with skill. Betting and winning is all about confidence. But how do you find that when it slips away? The stress is something few non gamblers will ever experience. It’s far from a day at the races.

5) Is The Gamble Worthwhile?

For 99.9% the dream of being a professional gambler is in truth a nightmare waiting to happen. The time and experience you need to be of a winning standard isn’t something you will acquire easily. It will take you years to get halfway there. Even then there is no guarantee. Knowledge and wisdom change over time. There will be a need to adapt to maintain that level of ability. But with every change you bring uncertainty. You will move one step forward and two back. With every season you will face pressures and stress that most people aren’t capable of succeeding. Gambling is a journey where you only see those important questions all too late. Questions you hadn’t even considered will appear before you. They all need answers. For all but a few, gambling isn’t a worthwhile pursuit. You are more likely to lose money than win unless you are the exception to the rule.

You will need to be disciplined and fanatical with a mindset as hard as steel.

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