5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bet On Slots

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bet On SlotsLove them or hate them slots are big business as a profit making machine for casinos online or brick-and-mortar. To be honest, I’m not keen on betting slots as they are said to be the most addictive form of gambling. There is something slightly soul destroying about pressing a button – without thinking – and winning or more likely losing cash.

My upbringing was about gambling. A child of the 70s, my parents who loved a drink and a smoke, literally encouraged us to have a bet on the fruit machines and one-armed bandits. I loved every moment. The best part being a memory of playing an Indian Head Jennings slot machine before it was realised they were collectors item. I think the benefit of playing these 2p slots was that it got it out of my system. I am a gambler but not on the slots as I find them boring, depressing and pretty much futile.

As a form of winning, being non skill based, they are pointless as a way of making money beyond pure luck.

Sure, we all need a little bit of luck, and that can happen at any time, but if you play the slots week-in-week out you’re onto a big-time loser.

1) As with all gambling, set out your stall by deciding how much you will bet. When playing slots, this is even more important as the repetitive nature of slots can be mind-numbing. Also, check the jackpot prize money. If you are playing 25p a go and the top price is £100 you have to question why bother. Considering you can lose £10 in a matter of 40 spins it’s truly a bad idea.

2) Did you know that 70% of casino revenue from Las Vegas comes from slots. That tells you how popular they are a real money maker for establishments.

3) Be careful not to drink alcohol while playing slots. It’s a disaster.

4) There is no strategy to playing and winning on slots. There are seemingly no ways to improve your chance of cashing in. You can have a system but it doesn’t help improve your odds of winning. On average, the casino edge is 8%. So for a continuous betting run if £1000 you expect to lose £80. I’m sure the slots I have played have been considerably worse.

5) My person opinion is that slots are bad news. However, everyone has their likes and dislikes and that can only be a matter of personal choice. I would just say that slots are more addictive than most forms of gambling and that’s why it is a good idea to limit your stakes and keep account of losses. If the number are truly negative you know the only answer is to stop. Playing £1 or £2 a spin can result in losses of £1000 per hour.

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