5 Smallest Casinos In The World

5 Smallest Casinos In The WorldImage by starline on Freepik

It was Leopold Kohr (1909 – 1994) who coined the phrase: ‘Small Is Beautiful’.

Born in Austria, Kohr went on to be an economist, jurist and political scientist and inspired the Small Is Beautiful movement. He died 26th, February, 1994, Gloucester, United Kingdom. He wrote many books including The Breaking Of Nations (1957). Kohr’s student E F Schumacher wrote the acclaimed book published in 1973 Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered. The movement followed the principles of Kohr advancing small, appropriate, technologies, polities, as superior alternative to the mainstream ethos ‘bigger is better’.

I wonder if Kohr or Schumacher enjoyed a stint at the casino? I’m sure if they had they’d have been praising those small casino venues which often get pushed to aside by the might of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Sun City. 

Take a look at these 5 smallest casino venues in the world. Small is beautiful and often the smallest venues pack one hell of a punch.

Where’s the smallest casino in the world?

1) Grosvenor Taxi Casino

It’s not exactly bricks and mortar but unique in the fact the smallest casino in the world is mobile in the back of a black taxi cab driving around the streets of Birmingham. I originally heard it was in London but I guess the luxury of a taxi is you can take a ride to wherever you want. Simply hop in and play of a gaming table, with real chips, professional dealer and even a bar. If this isn’t a James Bond experience I don’t know what is. You can arrive at your destination shaken but not stirred dependent on your profit or loss. The taxi casino is owned by Grosvenor Casino and toured many major cities in the UK as part of the ‘play your way’ campaign. As long as you’re not a sufferer of car sickness you can hit your jackpot destination.

2) Deltin Royale

Another travelling casino, this time a small cruise ship called Deltin Royale. It’s found in India to escape the strict Indian gambling laws as they do not apply on the open water. Although the a small venue with limited tables they have a variety of games including: American Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Indian Flush, Three-Card Draw Poker, Five-Card Poker, Casino War, Money Wheel & Slots. This intimate casino gives the luxury of playing your games while enjoying the sights of the open ocean.

3) Casino Palms

Located in Goa, India, in La Calypso, a suburb in the city of Baga, is one of the smallest casinos in one of the smallest states. Goa is a wealthy state with lots of tourism. Although gambling is illegal in India, it’s the only place in this country which has legalised gambling which has seen rise a number of impressive casino venues.

4) North Cadbury Court

Situated in the green hills of Somerset, England. This Grade I Listed building dates back to 1580. While this historic building is large the casino which sits in the basement is small. In fact, it is one of the smallest casinos in the world. The casino isn’t open to the public but it can be hired out as part of the wedding venue or corporate hospitality where the casino can be requested. The tablets sit 30 people and you have a professional croupier on hand to make a spectacular evening.

5) Slot-A-Fun

Who’d have guess that even in Las Vegas they have one of the smallest casinos in the world. It’s bigger than the other venues but Slot-A-Fun is a minnow compared with the likes of some on the strip. It opened in 1971 on a site which used to be a circus merry-go-round. In 1979 this small venue became so famous for giving away free popcorn to tempt gamblers inside that it was bought by a huge casino chain in 2009. Back in the day is was all about table games such as blackjack and craps but now its focus is electronic games and slots. It also has a small bar and bowling alley if you fancy a change.

Some of the most amazing casinos are those small venues which so often get forgotten in the shadows of the goliaths of Las Vegas and it’s 140+ casinos. The next time you are thinking of taking a trip to a casino think small. You may even take a mobile taxi casino to get to your final destination. That would be something novel in itself. Wherever you go, enjoy the experience.