5 Time Slots At The Casino: Who Will You Meet?

5 Time Slots At The Casino: Who Will You Meet?I guess many casinos are open 24/7. Most likely those in Las Vegas. Living in the UK I’m not sure many have similar open and closing times. I’ve been to a good few Grosvenor Casinos. My favourite being Great Yarmouth. Being on the coast, you have the horse racing and casino if you fancy a bet. Also, you have the greyhound racing so there is no end to your options if you’re a budding addy.

The latest time I’ve left the casino is about 2 am. I’m not that much of a night owl and the thought of going home at 6 am (when the casino closes) isn’t my idea of fun. I like my sleep more than the chance of winning a grand!

Each to their own.

One of my cousins left at 6 am. I saw him sitting down ready for breakfast at the hotel at eight. He didn’t have much of an appetite under the weather with a hangover.

Choosing which time you arrive at the casino for a bit of a gamble offers a varied clientele. Who you are likely to bump into at these selected times?

1) 12 Noon –

The casino has just opened so you may have to wait for the gaming tables to warm up, probably preferring to play the slots or the roulette terminals. However, you can play on the live tables and it’s often a lovely, quiet time of day to have a bet. Certainly not so noisy as an evening and the staff who are most likely rested are even more upbeat than normal. You may have a few die-hard regular waiting to try their luck on the slots. If you like a relaxed atmosphere or a novice just wanting to learn the ropes you really couldn’t ask for a better time of day to visit a casino. It reminds me of the good old days going for a drink on a Sunday lunchtime but quieter.

2) 7:30 –

The classic going out time, hey. It’s no different at the casino. Ideal if you want to go to the restaurant and have a meal before you get stuck into your dessert of 3-card poker. And there’s me thinking you just wanted a mouthful of  spotted dick. Anyway, enough about your carnal thoughts. It’s a time where the live play is warming up. Remember most gamblers are night owls so this is like 7 am to a normal person. It’s a pleasant time of the day. There isn’t too much hustle and bustle and you can enjoy your gambling without waiting for someone to lose all their money and vanish to cardboard city. Ideal for the everyday gambler, couples and those who aren’t into chatting to drunkards.


I’ve change this to the twenty-four-hour clock. Almost military in nature as you might turn up to the casino and feel like you’re in a war zone. OK, it’s not that bad but it’s getting than way. The tables are crowded. If you’re lucky enough to get a seat at the roulette table, you’ll probably have some Chinese bloke almost laying on top of you to get to his favourite number. Or you’ll see an arm ten feet long place a bet on every number which sees your face is nestled within his BO armpit. The zoo-like experience worsens with a punter losing a grand a spin. You will be met by a younger crowd who are betting for the first time and just as keen on chatting up the croupier as winning a fortune. Neither is likely to happen – ever. If you love a bit of a rowdy edge to proceedings you’ll be at home with this crowd. It’s the true casino experience where you are just as likely to find someone’s tooth on the floor as you are a £5 chip. Thankfully, there’s always a quiet spot for a moment of peace and quiet.

Not on the tables though.


It’s like a scene from one of those old movies where most people have to sit down else they would fall down. The drink has been flowing, the bets have been flying and the atmosphere is similar to that of a bomb disposal unit. It’s a mix of hope and despair. Those who have been on the end of a betting hammering are muttering discontent while those who are winning are cheering louder and louder with a crowd of hangers on looking for a free bet or a glimpse of ludy luck. Most normal people have gone home so you are left with a melting pot of naive or deviant characters. Some look like they want to take you home while others want to beat you up. And that’s just the women. If you like a hostile atmosphere and you wear dentures (no fear of losing your own teeth) you may be having the time of your life. However, unless you are three-parts drunk, a part-time boxer or desperately hoping for a change of luck you may be better off in your crib.

5) 5:55 AM

Even betting addicts rarely see this time of day. Even they have given up the ghost and been asleep for a couple of hours. It’s that time of day where you know anyone left in the casino has a story to tell. It’s probably the kind of tale that will haunt you for years to come or make you rush into the toilets and slit your wrists. Be careful, the chances are someone is already in there and they’ve died. Most punters still hanging around 5-minutes before closing are on the edge of bankruptcy or nervous breakdown (probably both). They may have been winning good cash at 4 am but it’s all turned nasty since and they are on a recovery mission and it’s all gone pear shaped. Their eyes are squinting, their breathing fluctuates with the highs and lows of each hand while a couple of the staff have been assigned to hook up dehydrated punters to a drip in a darkened room out the back. With the quiet word to each person left standing, they realise it is time to go home even though they feel they need just a little more time to win their cash back. You may see one person with a smile on their face because they won big. They are told to leave one-minute before the madding crowd just in case they are mugged on the way home.

Never attempt to enter a casino at 5:55 am.

It will only end in tears.

Photo: Pixabay (free)