5 Ways To Get A Freebies From Your Local Casino

5 Ways To Get A Freebies From Your Local Casino What’s better than your bog standard bet? A free bet. Now, I know a lot of you will be moaning about free bets because they are the first step to a slippery slope for many an addict. But free bets, offers or incentives are both a brilliant marketing tool for the gambling industry but also their Achilles’ heel. They have to give you the goodies and then hope you go completely out of control and blow a grand on the roulette. Yes, I am prone to hyperbole. But what are the best ways to get a lovely free bet from your casino?

1) For starters, it’s a good idea to join their membership, you’ll get a card, online access, and regular emails keeping you informed of all the free stuff going. I’ve been given free bets up to £75. And I can tell you now, that’s no because I’m losing money. Also, join their Facebook Page, Twitter and any other social media. You don’t have to, but if you are in control of your gambling, and you need to be, then all these match bets, free bets and discounts on food are literally up for grabs.

2) Be patient and don’t go to the casino that often. That’s when they try to tempt you back and will give a decent match bet or something to make you interested. The key part of all these freebies is to stick to your betting like glue. A £20 match bet means next to nothing if you bet £1,000. But if you bet small, you are doubling your chance of winning and beating the house edge. In truth, you are odds on to win. How many times do you hear that.

3) Although it pays to be quiet, it can be handy to keep the casino informed of your plans. If you intend to turn up with a group, tell them you are organising a night out and if you and the Groovy Gang get a few match bets or a discount off the food bill then you will be there on the dot. Surprise surprise you will see something heading to your mailbox. Considering you are going, what have you got to lose.

4) The classic survey. Take a moment to complete a survey about your last visit and they will give you a £5 free bet or more. It takes about two minutes and is money for nothing. Also, give the casino your feedback in person or via email as they are interested in improving their customers’ experience.

5) Quite often casino restaurants have few customers. They seem more interested in gambling than eating. However, a number of these establishments are fit for royalty and you are dining in a room which is akin to a mansion. Also, the food is often greatly discounted to get punters in the casino to bet. You can simply go for a meal and have no interest in gambling at all. The service in casinos is head and shoulders above your general restaurant so make the most of it. If you turn up on specific dates and one person signs up for their membership card (doesn’t cost you any money) the whole bill will be half price. That can easily be worth £100 if not a lot more.

Who says nothing is for free?

Photo: Pixabay (free)