5 Ways To Manage Your Bankroll At The Casino

5 Ways To Manage Your Bankroll At The CasinoImage by storyset on Freepik


That’s what the last person said as they walked from the casino pot less.

There is a lot more to enjoying the casino than losing far too much money and being left with regret. Part of being a successful if not seasoned gambler is understanding gambling discipline and an important part of that is bankroll management. An appreciation of these basic or complex skills may be the difference between you enjoying an evening, night or weekend at the casino. Take a look at these pointers to keep you on the straight and narrow.

1) How Much Are You Going To Bet?

That’s a very private question! Perhaps it is. However, I’d rather you say now than leave the casino in the early hours and say: ‘I’ve lost £5,000!’ It sounds impossible but it’s happened more times than you’d imagine. Remember Louis Theroux in the 2007: Gambling in Las Vegas. He shared a lift with a couple of gamblers and asked how much they had lost. A woman said: ‘Ten’. He said: ‘What ten dollars!’ She said: ‘No. $10,000.’ Louis was the only person who looked surprised. However, I think later that evening the woman would have been thinking it was a bad day at the office. Perhaps she was using her bankroll management and saved a healthy sum. It’s vital you decide what you can afford to lose and bet in that manner. Don’t get carried away by what others are doing and bet what is right for you. How many punters leave the casino with regrets? All those who didn’t set an acceptable bankroll and paid for the experience in cold, hard, cash.

2) Individual bets

So you have some aspect of gambling discipline. Good for you. You are going to chance your luck (fixed odds mean you need to get lucky) and bet £2,000. I go to the casino and bet £60 and have a good time so you need to decide at what point of the spectrum you are betting. It’s not simply about betting the total and going home broke. You need to divide your total bankroll and bet individually perhaps 3% – 5%. Remember, five percent is one twentieth of your total cash. That’s not a great deal of bets and playing three-card poker or blackjack can see your cash disappear quick fast. I really would be looking to bet 1% – 2% of your bankroll. What’s the rush? You have plenty of time to assess and think about your situation.

3) Games To Play And House Edge

It always surprises me that punters don’t know much about the house edge and how one game compares to another. This is important to your bankroll and your success. For example, some slots are bad news as the house edge is up to 15% which is a ridiculously high number. Other games such as blackjack are more like 2% and European roulette with the single zero is 2.7%. Other games fall somewhere in between the two. Three-card poker is a game I have played here and there. I think the house edge is pretty steep and the hands can come round fast which is important to consider. Roulette is a much slower game than slots. Consider how quick or slow your bankroll goes for each game. It’s best to stick with what you are familiar.

4) At The End Of The Night

Gambling at the casino can be great fun but it can be problematic. That’s why it’s never a good idea to drink alcohol. It can lead to other drinks and loosing inhibitions and acting recklessly. Whether you win or lose you should assess your evening and consider how things have gone. Perhaps you spent too much money of a new game. You may have pushed your luck too far when twisting on blackjack. There will also be good points about the evening including bets but also the environment. Being careful when leaving the casino with a lot of cash. Getting a taxi straight to your hotel. If you can learn something from the experience your next visit will be even better.

5) Conclusion

Many punters don’t think about their bankroll. They just bet and win or lose. It can be a recipe for disaster and lead to chasing losses which is the scenario many have found themselves. This is never going to turn out good. Having one eye on the bankroll will give you something to measure your time gaming and on your winning or losing. Part of the bankroll is knowing what you can afford to lose and that has as much to do with gambling discipline as anything else. Don’t get carried away in the moment and appreciate that you need to be just as careful when winning as losing. Don’t go from winning good money to losing. Stop when you can leave with a profit.