5 Smallest Casinos In The World

5 Smallest Casinos In The WorldImage by starline on Freepik

It was Leopold Kohr (1909 – 1994) who coined the phrase: ‘Small Is Beautiful’.

Born in Austria, Kohr went on to be an economist, jurist and political scientist and inspired the Small Is Beautiful movement. He died 26th, February, 1994, Gloucester, United Kingdom. He wrote many books including The Breaking Of Nations (1957). Kohr’s student E F Schumacher wrote the acclaimed book published in 1973 Small Is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered. The movement followed the principles of Kohr advancing small, appropriate, technologies, polities, as superior alternative to the mainstream ethos ‘bigger is better’.

I wonder if Kohr or Schumacher enjoyed a stint at the casino? I’m sure if they had they’d have been praising those small casino venues which often get pushed to aside by the might of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Sun City. 

Take a look at these 5 smallest casino venues in the world. Small is beautiful and often the smallest venues pack one hell of a punch.

Where’s the smallest casino in the world?

1) Grosvenor Taxi Casino

It’s not exactly bricks and mortar but unique in the fact the smallest casino in the world is mobile in the back of a black taxi cab driving around the streets of Birmingham. I originally heard it was in London but I guess the luxury of a taxi is you can take a ride to wherever you want. Simply hop in and play of a gaming table, with real chips, professional dealer and even a bar. If this isn’t a James Bond experience I don’t know what is. You can arrive at your destination shaken but not stirred dependent on your profit or loss. The taxi casino is owned by Grosvenor Casino and toured many major cities in the UK as part of the ‘play your way’ campaign. As long as you’re not a sufferer of car sickness you can hit your jackpot destination.

2) Deltin Royale

Another travelling casino, this time a small cruise ship called Deltin Royale. It’s found in India to escape the strict Indian gambling laws as they do not apply on the open water. Although the a small venue with limited tables they have a variety of games including: American Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Indian Flush, Three-Card Draw Poker, Five-Card Poker, Casino War, Money Wheel & Slots. This intimate casino gives the luxury of playing your games while enjoying the sights of the open ocean.

3) Casino Palms

Located in Goa, India, in La Calypso, a suburb in the city of Baga, is one of the smallest casinos in one of the smallest states. Goa is a wealthy state with lots of tourism. Although gambling is illegal in India, it’s the only place in this country which has legalised gambling which has seen rise a number of impressive casino venues.

4) North Cadbury Court

Situated in the green hills of Somerset, England. This Grade I Listed building dates back to 1580. While this historic building is large the casino which sits in the basement is small. In fact, it is one of the smallest casinos in the world. The casino isn’t open to the public but it can be hired out as part of the wedding venue or corporate hospitality where the casino can be requested. The tablets sit 30 people and you have a professional croupier on hand to make a spectacular evening.

5) Slot-A-Fun

Who’d have guess that even in Las Vegas they have one of the smallest casinos in the world. It’s bigger than the other venues but Slot-A-Fun is a minnow compared with the likes of some on the strip. It opened in 1971 on a site which used to be a circus merry-go-round. In 1979 this small venue became so famous for giving away free popcorn to tempt gamblers inside that it was bought by a huge casino chain in 2009. Back in the day is was all about table games such as blackjack and craps but now its focus is electronic games and slots. It also has a small bar and bowling alley if you fancy a change.

Some of the most amazing casinos are those small venues which so often get forgotten in the shadows of the goliaths of Las Vegas and it’s 140+ casinos. The next time you are thinking of taking a trip to a casino think small. You may even take a mobile taxi casino to get to your final destination. That would be something novel in itself. Wherever you go, enjoy the experience.

5 Emotions You May Recognise At The Casino

5 Emotions You May Recognise At The CasinoUnless you are a robot, you have emotions. In fact, Carroll Izzard identified 10 primary emotions. I’m sure gamblers will recognise a number which all have an impact on your behaviour if not your long term health. From personal experience, I can appreciate how stressful a losing run can be, painful not only in mind but pocket too. However, emotions aren’t all negative so let’s take a look at these 5 emotions which play a part in your casino experience whether good, bad or indifferent.

1) Interest

They say curiosity killed the cat. But your interest in gambling or the casino experience saw you head to your local venue or perhaps a holiday such as a cruise. Basically it has caught your focus and curiosity. Gambling releases a number of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, opioid and glutamate. They are related to both the good side of gambling and bad, such as gambling pathology and psychopathology. For this reason all who take an interest in gambling should be careful not to get in the grip of their emotions or addiction.

2) Shame

Perhaps few people gamble and feel shame. You would consider if you feel it is a shameful act you wouldn’t take part although often the temptation to bet can be strong. Certainly many different religions would view gambling as a sin. Also, you may feel shame if your friends and family view your interest as immoral which leads to embarrassment or humiliation. If you feel such emotion you may question whether gambling is for you.

3) Anger

If you’ve had a bad day at the office (casino, bookmakers, online poker) and lost a lot of cash – or even a small amount – you may well feel angry with yourself or those around you. Anger is defined as a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility. Anger related to gambling is rooted in frustration. You should never bet when angry or continue if you are feeling angry or direct your anger at casino staff. Remember, it is your problem and not someone else. If you feel this emotion take a break or better still go home and assess if gambling is for you. If gambling affects your personal relationships especially your family then stop.

4) Disgust

If you suffer this emotion, you probably have a gambling problem either a compulsion or addiction. A definition of disgust is a feeling of revulsion or strong disapproval. This may be from yourself or others. If you feel disgusted by your behaviour or financial loss then you should take a break or knock betting on the head. If you are struggling to stop gambling then seek professional help. You may be suffering from addiction which is a psychopathology.

5) Joy

After so many negative emotions let’s take a look at the joy a small or especially big win can bring. That’s the roller coaster ride that gambling gives and the buzz so much associated by many who simply enjoy a bet or suffer from addiction. There is nothing better than the feeling of pleasure walking home with a pocket of cash.

All these emotions and more can be experiences on a single night at the casino. Always reflect on your feelings because they are the reality of the experience. If your life is in anyway way made more negative from gambling then you have a responsibility to yourself and family to change. There is more to life.

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5 Different Punters You Meet At The Casino

5 Different Punters You Meet At The Casino

One thing I love about casinos is the varied mix of people. For the most part you will simply brush shoulders, perhaps a little bit of chit chat, or nod of acknowledgement. Gambling brings together rich and poor, regular faces, tourists or someone going to the casino for their very first time. The next time you go to a casino stop and look around you and consider the story behind your fellow gamblers. Your thoughts may be right or wrong but, to me, the story behind each person brings the meaning to the experience. Here are 5 different punters you meet at the casino.

1) The First Timer

Let’s start at the beginning. You can often see those enjoying the casino experience for the first time because they are a little tentative, wet behind the ears and usually more interested in watching than betting. Many casinos offer talks prior to the tablets opening to run you through the rules and answer questions. They may even give you a free bet to get you started. Gambling should always be a considered action and not taken lightly but it can also be a new venue of excitement and pleasure. It’s not everyday you go to a casino and it’s an experience that I would suggest you dip your toe whether gambler or not.

2) The Regular

The majority of casino customers are regulars. It’s like going to your local pub you see the same old faces and they are often known by the staff and each other. Whether these people are recreational gamblers, compulsive, or addicts who knows. They are most likely a percentage of each. They usually have their favourite game and flit in and out. Even regulars aren’t playing every night of the week but they probably keep the casino afloat and keep the staff on their toes.

3) The Compulsive Gambler Or Addict

If you see some frequenting the casino more than a regular then the chances are they have a gambling problem. I’m not quite sure if the casino have a quiet word with these individuals to detail where they can get help or if they just regard them as a lost cause and just hope they have some luck. You can usually spot a compulsive gambler because they look a little dishevelled often betting small money and some whose life is very much like ground-hog day. It’s a hard life to lead because it ultimately leads to someone’s demise.

4) The Gambling Deviant

Where there’s money you will always find a small number of vulture-like individuals – predominantly men – who are there to take advantage of situations. It might be someone laundering money, the chancer who wants to befriend a winner, or the bloke who texts a message that the big fat man wearing a red shirt is going to leave the casino in five minutes time and he has £5,000 in the left pocket of his trousers. Always be vigilant of your surrounding and people, especially if you notice the same person watching your every move. When playing at the tablets, especially roulette, keep your eye on the table and your chips. It’s easy for someone to steal a couple of £25 chips off your stack if you turn your back for a second. Think safety first when leaving the casino because you could well be mugged if you have been a big winner. Ask the casino to call a taxi and only leave when it arrives.

5) The Professional Gambler

You don’t see many pro gamblers about these day in casinos. They are most associated with blackjack (card counting) or playing poker. You will need to be a very slick operator to get away with card counting. If spotted they will ask you to bet level stake or leave. You will know a pro gambler by the money they bet and the manner they bet. They aren’t usually flustered by losses and have a lonely demeanour. Often fascinating people to talk to if you get a chance.

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5 Ways To Get A Freebies From Your Local Casino

5 Ways To Get A Freebies From Your Local Casino What’s better than your bog standard bet? A free bet. Now, I know a lot of you will be moaning about free bets because they are the first step to a slippery slope for many an addict. But free bets, offers or incentives are both a brilliant marketing tool for the gambling industry but also their Achilles’ heel. They have to give you the goodies and then hope you go completely out of control and blow a grand on the roulette. Yes, I am prone to hyperbole. But what are the best ways to get a lovely free bet from your casino?

1) For starters, it’s a good idea to join their membership, you’ll get a card, online access, and regular emails keeping you informed of all the free stuff going. I’ve been given free bets up to £75. And I can tell you now, that’s no because I’m losing money. Also, join their Facebook Page, Twitter and any other social media. You don’t have to, but if you are in control of your gambling, and you need to be, then all these match bets, free bets and discounts on food are literally up for grabs.

2) Be patient and don’t go to the casino that often. That’s when they try to tempt you back and will give a decent match bet or something to make you interested. The key part of all these freebies is to stick to your betting like glue. A £20 match bet means next to nothing if you bet £1,000. But if you bet small, you are doubling your chance of winning and beating the house edge. In truth, you are odds on to win. How many times do you hear that.

3) Although it pays to be quiet, it can be handy to keep the casino informed of your plans. If you intend to turn up with a group, tell them you are organising a night out and if you and the Groovy Gang get a few match bets or a discount off the food bill then you will be there on the dot. Surprise surprise you will see something heading to your mailbox. Considering you are going, what have you got to lose.

4) The classic survey. Take a moment to complete a survey about your last visit and they will give you a £5 free bet or more. It takes about two minutes and is money for nothing. Also, give the casino your feedback in person or via email as they are interested in improving their customers’ experience.

5) Quite often casino restaurants have few customers. They seem more interested in gambling than eating. However, a number of these establishments are fit for royalty and you are dining in a room which is akin to a mansion. Also, the food is often greatly discounted to get punters in the casino to bet. You can simply go for a meal and have no interest in gambling at all. The service in casinos is head and shoulders above your general restaurant so make the most of it. If you turn up on specific dates and one person signs up for their membership card (doesn’t cost you any money) the whole bill will be half price. That can easily be worth £100 if not a lot more.

Who says nothing is for free?

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5 Time Slots At The Casino: Who Will You Meet?

5 Time Slots At The Casino: Who Will You Meet?I guess many casinos are open 24/7. Most likely those in Las Vegas. Living in the UK I’m not sure many have similar open and closing times. I’ve been to a good few Grosvenor Casinos. My favourite being Great Yarmouth. Being on the coast, you have the horse racing and casino if you fancy a bet. Also, you have the greyhound racing so there is no end to your options if you’re a budding addy.

The latest time I’ve left the casino is about 2 am. I’m not that much of a night owl and the thought of going home at 6 am (when the casino closes) isn’t my idea of fun. I like my sleep more than the chance of winning a grand!

Each to their own.

One of my cousins left at 6 am. I saw him sitting down ready for breakfast at the hotel at eight. He didn’t have much of an appetite under the weather with a hangover.

Choosing which time you arrive at the casino for a bit of a gamble offers a varied clientele. Who you are likely to bump into at these selected times?

1) 12 Noon –

The casino has just opened so you may have to wait for the gaming tables to warm up, probably preferring to play the slots or the roulette terminals. However, you can play on the live tables and it’s often a lovely, quiet time of day to have a bet. Certainly not so noisy as an evening and the staff who are most likely rested are even more upbeat than normal. You may have a few die-hard regular waiting to try their luck on the slots. If you like a relaxed atmosphere or a novice just wanting to learn the ropes you really couldn’t ask for a better time of day to visit a casino. It reminds me of the good old days going for a drink on a Sunday lunchtime but quieter.

2) 7:30 –

The classic going out time, hey. It’s no different at the casino. Ideal if you want to go to the restaurant and have a meal before you get stuck into your dessert of 3-card poker. And there’s me thinking you just wanted a mouthful of  spotted dick. Anyway, enough about your carnal thoughts. It’s a time where the live play is warming up. Remember most gamblers are night owls so this is like 7 am to a normal person. It’s a pleasant time of the day. There isn’t too much hustle and bustle and you can enjoy your gambling without waiting for someone to lose all their money and vanish to cardboard city. Ideal for the everyday gambler, couples and those who aren’t into chatting to drunkards.


I’ve change this to the twenty-four-hour clock. Almost military in nature as you might turn up to the casino and feel like you’re in a war zone. OK, it’s not that bad but it’s getting than way. The tables are crowded. If you’re lucky enough to get a seat at the roulette table, you’ll probably have some Chinese bloke almost laying on top of you to get to his favourite number. Or you’ll see an arm ten feet long place a bet on every number which sees your face is nestled within his BO armpit. The zoo-like experience worsens with a punter losing a grand a spin. You will be met by a younger crowd who are betting for the first time and just as keen on chatting up the croupier as winning a fortune. Neither is likely to happen – ever. If you love a bit of a rowdy edge to proceedings you’ll be at home with this crowd. It’s the true casino experience where you are just as likely to find someone’s tooth on the floor as you are a £5 chip. Thankfully, there’s always a quiet spot for a moment of peace and quiet.

Not on the tables though.


It’s like a scene from one of those old movies where most people have to sit down else they would fall down. The drink has been flowing, the bets have been flying and the atmosphere is similar to that of a bomb disposal unit. It’s a mix of hope and despair. Those who have been on the end of a betting hammering are muttering discontent while those who are winning are cheering louder and louder with a crowd of hangers on looking for a free bet or a glimpse of ludy luck. Most normal people have gone home so you are left with a melting pot of naive or deviant characters. Some look like they want to take you home while others want to beat you up. And that’s just the women. If you like a hostile atmosphere and you wear dentures (no fear of losing your own teeth) you may be having the time of your life. However, unless you are three-parts drunk, a part-time boxer or desperately hoping for a change of luck you may be better off in your crib.

5) 5:55 AM

Even betting addicts rarely see this time of day. Even they have given up the ghost and been asleep for a couple of hours. It’s that time of day where you know anyone left in the casino has a story to tell. It’s probably the kind of tale that will haunt you for years to come or make you rush into the toilets and slit your wrists. Be careful, the chances are someone is already in there and they’ve died. Most punters still hanging around 5-minutes before closing are on the edge of bankruptcy or nervous breakdown (probably both). They may have been winning good cash at 4 am but it’s all turned nasty since and they are on a recovery mission and it’s all gone pear shaped. Their eyes are squinting, their breathing fluctuates with the highs and lows of each hand while a couple of the staff have been assigned to hook up dehydrated punters to a drip in a darkened room out the back. With the quiet word to each person left standing, they realise it is time to go home even though they feel they need just a little more time to win their cash back. You may see one person with a smile on their face because they won big. They are told to leave one-minute before the madding crowd just in case they are mugged on the way home.

Never attempt to enter a casino at 5:55 am.

It will only end in tears.

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