5 Consequences of Banning Gambling Sponsorship in UK Football

5 Consequences of Banning Gambling Sponsorship in UK FootballFootball, a beloved sport in the United Kingdom, has seen a surge in gambling sponsorship deals over the years. The logos of various betting companies prominently adorn jerseys and stadiums. However, the prospect of banning gambling sponsorship from football in the UK has been a topic of discussion. In this article, we explore five potential consequences that might unfold if such a ban were to be implemented.

1) Financial Impact on Football Clubs:

The most immediate and significant consequence of banning gambling sponsorship in UK football would be the financial hit experienced by football clubs. Many teams heavily rely on sponsorship deals, including those from gambling companies, to bolster their revenue streams. A sudden prohibition would force clubs to seek alternative sources of income, potentially leading to financial instability. Smaller clubs, in particular, may find it challenging to replace the lucrative deals offered by gambling sponsors, impacting their ability to compete at the highest levels.

2) Reduced Investment in Grassroots Football:

The financial ramifications of a gambling sponsorship ban would extend beyond professional football clubs to grassroots and youth development programs. Many football organizations use the revenue generated from sponsorships to invest in community initiatives, youth academies, and facilities. A ban on gambling sponsorship could result in a decrease in funding for these crucial aspects of the sport, hindering the development of future talent and community engagement programs.

3) Increased Pressure on Fans and Ticket Prices:

To compensate for the loss of revenue from gambling sponsorship, football clubs may be compelled to increase ticket prices or find alternative ways to generate income from their fan base. This could lead to increased financial pressure on supporters, potentially excluding some from attending matches. The essence of football as an accessible and inclusive sport might be compromised, with ticket prices becoming a potential barrier for fans, especially those with lower incomes.

4) Impact on TV Broadcasting Deals:

Football broadcasting rights, a major source of revenue for clubs, could be affected by a ban on gambling sponsorship. If clubs face financial challenges due to the loss of sponsorships, they may find themselves in weaker negotiating positions when it comes to television broadcasting deals. This could, in turn, impact the overall quality of the football product, as clubs might struggle to retain top-tier players and invest in the infrastructure necessary for high-quality broadcasts.

5) Rise in Unregulated Advertising and Sponsorship:

While a ban on gambling sponsorship in UK football might be well-intentioned, it could inadvertently lead to an increase in unregulated advertising and sponsorship. If clubs are desperate for alternative revenue sources, they may turn to sponsors with fewer restrictions or oversight, potentially exposing fans, especially younger audiences, to less scrupulous industries. This could counteract the original intent of the ban, as unregulated advertising might lack the responsible gambling measures that are often associated with established betting companies.


Banning gambling sponsorship in UK football would undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences, impacting clubs, fans, and the broader football ecosystem. Striking a balance between financial considerations and responsible sponsorship practices is crucial to navigate the complex landscape of football sponsorship in a way that prioritizes both the financial health of clubs and the well-being of fans.

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5 Bets Based On Skill

5 Bets Based On SkillIf you had two possible bets which would you choose: Roulette or Horse Racing? You may consider based on your enjoyment. However, you should be thinking one is fixed odds while the other is skill based. The reason this is important is that fixed odds are impossible to win money over time. For example, however you bet on roulette you will never be able to change the odds being slightly against you. It doesn’t mean you cannot win if you are lucky. However, the longer you play the more money you will lose. It doesn’t matter which system you use you cannot change those odds. You may have an approach which seemingly delays the inevitable like the Martingale System but you simply cannot change a loser into a winner. Whereas skill based betting is actually based on your knowledge and ability. That’s why a Grand Master chess player is going to beat you easily. Take a look at these 5 bets based on skill and their pros and cons.

1) Horse racing

Thoroughbred horse racing gives punters a fair crack of the whip to make their betting pay. However, you will need to have a niche (you can’t know everything and don’t need to) and work in a professional manner. If you are betting for fun or the buzz you may as well give up because the chance of you winning money from a layer is zero. As with all knowledge you need to be better than most. If you are not an expert in your field you can guarantee someone else will be and they will use that knowledge against you.

2) Blackjack

By all accounts blackjack is fixed odds and the casino know for a fact if you bet level stake you will lose over time. You simply cannot beat the bank. There is one exception and that is card counting which can be done quite easily so you know you have the cards on your side. This technique was employed in the early days of casinos with individuals plying their trade unknown to those losing money. However, those days are gone and card counting is something all casinos look out for and they don’t take kindly to people winning money via this skill. In fact, they will ask you to play level stake or leave. Most casinos know you are card counting because you will bet small and then very large stakes. This is a giveaway. Some card counting teams work together which makes it more difficult to spot but it is very hard to disguise.

3) Greyhound racing

Another sport that is based on skill. I don’t have any particular knowledge of this subject matter but people have made vast sums of money using systems and basic skills in assessing form.

4) Weather It Will Snow

That’s right some people bet on the weather. You may have heard of punters betting on whether it will snow on Christmas day or not but most bookmakers will lay odds on certain eventualities. If you know when a rainbow will appear over the Statue Of Liberty, you may have found your pot of gold.

5) Football

Another giant betting market that punters enjoy. If you know all about your team then you may have the odds in your favour.

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