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5 Premier Gambling and Leisure Spots in Mayfair, London

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5 Premier Gambling and Leisure Spots in Mayfair, LondonMayfair, one of London’s most luxurious districts, offers an opulent blend of gambling venues and exclusive clubs. From historic casinos to sophisticated private clubs, here are five premier places to indulge in gambling and leisure in Mayfair.

1. The Ritz Club:

Located in the iconic Ritz Hotel on Piccadilly, The Ritz Club is synonymous with elegance and exclusivity. This members-only casino boasts a rich history and caters to high-stakes gamblers seeking a refined experience. The club features a variety of gaming options, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Each gaming room is lavishly decorated, evoking the opulence of the early 20th century. Besides gambling, members can enjoy gourmet dining and a selection of fine wines and spirits in a setting reminiscent of a grand Edwardian mansion.

2. Les Ambassadeurs Club:

Situated on Hamilton Place, Les Ambassadeurs Club (commonly known as “Les A”) is a hallmark of sophisticated gaming and luxury. With origins tracing back to the 19th century, this venue has maintained a reputation for discretion and high standards. The club offers traditional table games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, with a focus on delivering personalized service. Les A’s ambiance, characterized by its classic decor and intimate gaming rooms, is ideal for those who prefer a quieter, more exclusive gambling experience. The club also features an exquisite dining area and a terrace bar, making it perfect for a full evening of leisure.

3. Palm Beach Casino:

Palm Beach Casino, located in Berkeley Street, provides a vibrant yet luxurious gaming experience. Open to both members and non-members, this casino offers a diverse array of games including American roulette, three-card poker, and electronic gaming machines. Palm Beach Casino combines modern gaming facilities with an elegant atmosphere, making it accessible to a broader clientele. The casino also features a stylish bar and a restaurant serving a mix of international cuisines, ensuring that patrons can enjoy a night of entertainment and fine dining under one roof.

4. William Hill Mayfair:

For those who prefer the excitement of sports betting, the William Hill branch on Berkeley Street is a perfect destination. Known for its high-end setting and a broad range of betting options, this bookmaker offers a premium experience for sports enthusiasts. The venue is equipped with multiple screens broadcasting live sports events, providing a dynamic environment for placing bets on horse racing, football, and other major sports. The atmosphere at William Hill Mayfair is both sophisticated and engaging, making it a favorite spot for those who enjoy a blend of casual and upscale betting.

5. The Arts Club:

Founded in 1863, The Arts Club on Dover Street isn’t just about art and culture; it also offers an exclusive haven for cigar aficionados. The club features a private cigar lounge where members can enjoy a curated selection of fine cigars and spirits in a refined setting. Though not a traditional gambling venue, The Arts Club provides a luxurious retreat for those who appreciate the finer things in life, including the occasional game of backgammon or cards among friends. This club’s blend of artistic heritage and modern luxury makes it a unique addition to Mayfair’s leisure landscape.


Mayfair’s blend of traditional elegance and modern luxury makes it a prime destination for those seeking a refined gambling experience. From exclusive casinos like The Ritz Club and Les Ambassadeurs Club to the vibrant atmosphere of Palm Beach Casino and William Hill Mayfair, there is something for every type of gambler. Meanwhile, The Arts Club offers a sophisticated retreat for those who prefer leisure over the roulette wheel. Whether you’re a high roller or a casual bettor, Mayfair provides a variety of premier venues to indulge in your favorite pastimes.

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