5 Pros And Cons About Multibets

5 Pros And Cons About MultibetsYou’ve seen that lucky punter who won £1M with a 10p bet. He picked out 9 winning horses and the final selection won by a nose. It must be fate! It all seems so easy when you read it in the papers. But we all know that multibets: Yankees, Canadians, Super Heinz etc. A small stake to win a fortune. A chance to change your life. Who could blame someone for that hope? It is something that motivates all gamblers. It could be you! But what are the pros and cons of chancing your luck on a multibet? Here are my 5 thoughts.

1) A One In A Million Chance

There is a lot to be said about giving yourself a chance however remote. Without hope we are hopeless. If making a small bet gives you, me, them, us a chance to win a fortune then go for it. True, the likelihood of losing is more than winning but that can be said for most things in life. Even the biggest ‘certainty’ is uncertain. Ask all those multi millionaires whether buying that lucky ticket was a good decision. You don’t need me to answer the question. Thank your lucky stars it was you than someone else.

2) Do Bookmakers Love Multibets?

They most certainly do. In fact, they probably account for the majority of their profits. In fact, mutlibets are often associated with mug punters. Those who are perineal losers. Bookmakers tempt punter with these type of bets with bonuses and enhancements.

3) What Is The Best Way To Win With Multibets?

Now there’s a question. The weakness with most multibets is that punters use them as a way to chance their luck. They consider such bets give reason to bet on the big priced outsiders. There is nothing wrong with betting on big priced selections but the key factor to winning is each selection is strong. In fact, you have to be ultra selective to protect your stake. For example, in a Canadian wager, which consists of 26 bets, one loser equates to 15 bets. It’s crazy to think that one loss is worth more than the rest of the bets put together. This is why you really cannot afford one loser which makes you realise why instead of pushing your luck with such bets you need to be more careful.

4) Should You Have Short Priced Selections In Your Multibet?

This is a subject which most punters have varied opinions. I have placed such bets and on the odd occasion had an even money shot in an each way accumulator. I’ve been criticised by other punters as thinking it is absurd. However, I think they are mistaken or foolish when you consider how important it is to find winners rather than not. The answer to any question is whether long term such bets make a profit. If they do, then those who assume they know more are wrong. Bet for yourself, it’s your money.

5) Why You Shouldn’t Continue With Multibets

The answer is simple. It’s the same for all betting, if you lose money on a regular basis then it is time to call it a day. Gambling shouldn’t, ideally, be about the buzz or fun, but that’s the way for most who simply don’t have the time or passion to turn their hobby into a profession. Keep a record of your profit and loss. If you go into the red for a fair sum of money give up.

Photo: Pixabay (free)