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5 Pet Hates About Non Gamblers

5 Pet Hates About Non GamblersEach to their own. Classic last words. In the universe of gamblers and non gamblers you are talking a world apart. In fact, I think opposing sides really do hate each other with a simple lack of understanding. No one is all right or all wrong. However, I’ve had the misfortune to chat with many people who are anti gambling to a point of irrationality. But these are my 5 pet hates. Don’t shoot me down if I’m aiming at you.

1) Non Gamblers Know Everything About Gambling

It’s illogical but true. Somehow even though a non gambler couldn’t even tell you how many metres are in a furlong, what is a median time, and how much money do you have to bet on a horse price 100/7 to win £100 they ‘’know’’ more than a seasoned gambler because they fall into the trap that no one can beat the bookie so anyone who can is foolish and wrong. It’s truly a ridiculous thought akin to going to your doctor and telling him you know more because you read a page from an encyclopedia. The trouble with this kind of person is that they will never get to a level of understanding beyond the classic stereotype.

2) If You Are Good At Gambling Then Tell Me A Winner

If only it was that easy. Any gambler works on long term profits. You could have ten losers on the run and look like the biggest idiot on planet Earth. Then you follow that up by ten winners. One person would think you are a genius the other some nut who has escape from the asylum which has a pet horse. From a horse racing approach the idea of giving a horse as a tip hours in advance of the race is truly absurd. The illogical nature of the non gambler is truly astounding. It’s the reason I don’t talk to the everyday person because you’d get a better conversation from the closest wall.

3) You Will Be Left Wanting While Others Want More

Trying to impress the non gambler is a futile endeavour. They will take every winner as if it is worthless and remember every loser until the day they die. I’ve had days where I gave an each way treble – all three horses won. Someone emailed me to say their brother had bet on the selections and won £2000. Did they offer to buy me a drink? No, they wanted more free tips and couldn’t see the problem with their attitude. On the other side of the coin, you give someone a loser and they will never forget. In fact they will reason they were correct all the time that you actually know nothing. They will take delight in their assessment. I often go to the races and rarely bet. I had a friend ask what I fancied. I said nothing today. They thought I was taking the piss and was keeping the info for myself at their expense.

4) You Just Sit Around All Day And Do Nothing

It’s true that the non gambler thinks you don’t actually do any work. You just sit watching TV and somehow make money betting without work. There used to be a bookmaker at Great Yarmouth racecourse who loved to say: ‘’Money without work!’’ When I walked past I should have shouted out ‘’Wanker’’. But that’’s the mentality of the non gambler. That you will without doing any work, have no knowledge or discipline and you just got lucky. If only they realised that most professional gamblers are exceptional in all they do. In fact, they are more knowledgable about their subject matter than anyone with a PhD.

5) Even Your Own Family Don’t Understand

It’s a sad fact that even your own family cannot get their head around your occupation. It’s as though you are tarnished by the very words and thoughts. They forget that you actually work. They will not realise you have to be working at strange times of day. They will say things that make you feel as though you are wasting your time. Why don’t you go and get a proper job? When they see you winning they just want your cash. When you lose they never understand. The best any professional gambler can do is keep their thoughts and their knowledge to themselves.

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