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5 Ingenious Ways To Save Money In Las Vegas

5 Ingenious Ways to Save Money in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, often dubbed as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” is renowned for its dazzling lights, extravagant shows, and vibrant nightlife. However, the city’s reputation for excess can sometimes leave visitors with empty wallets. Fear not, as we explore five ingenious ways to save money in Las Vegas, allowing you to enjoy the glamour without breaking the bank.

  1. Off-Strip Accommodations:

Explore Local Hotels: While the iconic hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are tempting, consider staying in off-Strip accommodations. Many local hotels offer comfortable rooms at a fraction of the price, allowing you to allocate your budget to other experiences.

Use Hotel Booking Apps: Take advantage of hotel booking apps that often provide exclusive discounts and deals. You might find hidden gems away from the main tourist areas that offer excellent amenities without the hefty price tag.

Midweek Stays: Plan your visit during the weekdays when hotel rates are generally lower than during weekends. This strategy not only saves you money on accommodations but also gives you a quieter and less crowded Las Vegas experience.

2) Dining Deals and Happy Hours:

Off-Peak Dining: Avoid peak dining hours to snag great deals at renowned restaurants. Many establishments offer early bird specials or late-night discounts, allowing you to savor the city’s culinary delights without burning a hole in your pocket.

Buffet of Buffets Pass: Consider purchasing the “Buffet of Buffets” pass available at select hotels. This pass provides access to multiple buffets within a 24-hour period at a fixed price, offering a cost-effective way to indulge in Vegas-style dining.

Happy Hour Specials: Explore the city’s vibrant nightlife during happy hours, where you can find discounted drinks and appetizers at various bars and lounges. Planning your activities around these times can significantly reduce your overall food and beverage expenses.

3) Entertainment Discounts:

Tix4Tonight Booths: Visit the Tix4Tonight booths scattered along the Strip to score last-minute discounted tickets for popular shows, performances, and attractions. These booths offer significant savings on entertainment options, allowing you to experience the best of Las Vegas without the hefty price tag.

Online Ticket Deals: Plan ahead and explore online platforms for exclusive deals on show tickets. Many official websites, as well as third-party vendors, provide discounts and promotions for various entertainment options, from magic shows to concerts.

Free Shows and Attractions: Las Vegas is not just about paid entertainment. Take advantage of the city’s many free shows and attractions, such as the iconic Fountains of Bellagio or the street performers along Fremont Street. These experiences offer a taste of Vegas without spending a dime.

4) Transportation Savings:

Walk the Strip: Embrace the pedestrian-friendly nature of the Strip by walking between attractions. This not only allows you to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere but also saves you money on transportation.

Public Transportation: Utilize Las Vegas’ efficient public transportation system, including buses and the Las Vegas Monorail. Purchasing multi-day passes can be cost-effective for exploring the city while keeping your transportation expenses in check.

Ride-Sharing Apps: Opt for ride-sharing apps instead of traditional taxis. These apps often provide competitive rates, and you can compare prices to ensure you get the best deal.

5) Gaming on a Budget:

Set a Gambling Budget: If you plan to try your luck at the casinos, set a strict gambling budget beforehand. This ensures that you can enjoy the thrill of gaming without risking more money than you’re comfortable losing.

Join Player’s Clubs: Many casinos offer player’s clubs that provide perks, discounts, and even freebies to members. Joining these clubs can result in substantial savings on dining, entertainment, and accommodations.

Play During Off-Peak Hours: If you’re hitting the slot machines or gaming tables, consider playing during off-peak hours. Casinos may offer lower minimum bets, giving you more gameplay for your money.


Las Vegas can be an affordable destination with a bit of strategic planning and creativity. By exploring off-Strip accommodations, taking advantage of dining deals and happy hours, seeking entertainment discounts, saving on transportation, and gaming wisely, you can experience the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas without draining your bank account. Remember, with a little ingenuity, the city’s thrills can be enjoyed on a budget, leaving you with more money to spend on unforgettable experiences.

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Having Fun At The Casino Without Having A Bet

Having Fun At The Casino Without Having A BetWhen did you last go to a casino? Perhaps you have never been. Or you might be a regular, who is a face among the crowd. I often ask this question because all too often people associate casinos with betting your cold, hard cash. You’re saying: ‘No kidding, Sherlock!’ However, the gambling part is a matter of choice and you really don’t need to place a bet to have a brilliant night out. Don’t believe me! Here are my 5 suggestions to be a winner without fear of loss.

1) Plan Your Evening

To keep informed of what is happening at your local casino you should join their mailing list and follow their social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Mailings are the best because they usual only send them when they have a promotion which is good news for you as a freeloader! If you get the timing right you will be heading to the casino with a free bet. Even if it’s a fiver, for completing a survey, you have nothing to lose. Believe it or not, I’ve been given a free bet of £75, a free meal for two and a bottle of wine. Not kidding, just for being on the mailing list. That’s not because I lost a grand a month either (I’m actually winning money). Other freebies include live music, free alcoholic drinks and discounts on food. I’m sure there are other things you can enter such as competitions to win holidays.

2) Complete A Survey For Your Free Bet

That’s right. Complete a five-minute survey and you will get five pounds to spend on any of your favourite games. I’d be tempted to place it on black or red in hope of doubling your money. I remember seeing a lady place here free bet to win £5 on a single number on the roulette and it came up. Not realising she left all her winning on the same number and it came in again and walked away with £180. There are many opportunities to get free bets so keep a look out. If you can give feedback you are more likely to receive an email giving you some form of incentive.

3) Go For Romantic Meal (On The Cheap)

You don’t want to tell your other half they’re a cheap night out although they wouldn’t believe you even if you said. Many casino are situated in magnificent period buildings. For example Grosvenor at Great Yarmouth is a Listed building Shadingfield Lodge (pictured). It was designed by A.W. Morant for J Cudden ESQ, who was good friends with Edward VIII, King of England. So you will be in a restaurant that is fit for royalty. Not only that, the food in most casinos is greatly discounts and the service is exceptional. The waiter doesn’t know whether you intend to go to the gaming room and bet your free voucher or £1000 (but they will treat you the same and always go the extra mile). If the Mrs (or partner) isn’t a member of the casino, then get them signed up (you don’t need a deposit or ever place a bet) and you can often get 50% off your food bill for free. That’s for the whole table, so ideal for a party. To celebrate why not have two cocktails for just £12. Casino restaurants are usually very quiet so you will have the place to your self. Great Yarmouth’s casino down Marine Parade is a fine example of a Grade II listed building built in the later part of the 19th century. It has high ceilings, huge bay windows and elegant mirrors. And it does a decent meal. You would pay more at McDonalds.

4) People Watching Gambler Style

Some people like to watch a goldfish swim round a bowl. Well, you can go to the gaming room (after your romantic meal) and watch gamblers at work. It’s like watching a football match without a ball. Just sit back from afar or get close up and personal. Push someone and see what response you get. Literally lay on top of some innocent gambler siting at the roulette table as you place your free bet. They won’t mind as they expect it to happen. It’s par for the course. In fact, if you have a dab of Chanel No5 on your person they’ll be looking almost inviting you for second helpings. Some people fall asleep while dreaming of a big slot win as their money burns down like a fuse on auto play. You will see winners, losers, some, like you, watching the bull fight. People losing their life’s savings in plain sight while others cheer with delight as they won ‘Money without work!’ It will be a diluted scene from Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas. The only monster you will see is that little Argentinian bloke who turns up from time to time. You’ll be part of the gambler atmosphere enjoying the buzz. Your senses will be heightened by absurdity and heady mix of body odour and alcohol air. Put it this way, you will see some sights and it won’t cost you a penny. Keep your eyes pealed and you may even find a stray chip on the floor.

Gambling free money.

Good luck.

5) Free Drinks In The Gaming Room

That’s right. If you want soft drinks, tea, coffee, even a mug of coco, then just sit at one of the roulette terminals or slots machine and pretend you’re getting a fiver out of your purse and you’ll get table service. If that doesn’t happen, just go to the bar and you’ll find it’s free. You can save twenty quid without any trouble at all. If you’re posh, they may even have some earl grey tea, perhaps a leftover from those halcyon days when Edward VIII was in town.

Who says you can’t have a great night on the cheap, living the millionaire’s lifestyle on a budget.

At a casino near you.

It’s money without work!

Photo: Jason Coote (c)