What’s The Betting on BBC 1 Traitors TV Series Being An Odds On Favourite

Image by wirestock on FreepikWhat's The Betting on BBC 1 Traitors Being An Odds On Favourite What can I say: ‘You Traitor!’

I’m sure many viewers who love a gamble have visited this page to find the betting odds for who will be winning Traitors British TV Series 2025. I really should have checked out the bookmakers’ prices to see if they had betting for the 2024 (British TV Series) which has proven a revelation. The game play, mystery and drama of this show proves you don’t need a big budget and costly cast to capture the attention of audiences far and wide.

I eagerly awaited this year’s shows which saw 22 contestants dwindle (by deaths or banishment) to just two in a gripping finale. The 2024 series which started and ended in January was as good if not better than the previous year. Harry Clark took the prize of £95,150 at the expense of Mollie, a faithful, in a gripping conclusion to the show. We saw her trying to decide between Harry and Jaz in the last banishment (changing her mind) to realise she had the traitor standing before her when Harry said: ‘I’m a Traitor!’

You couldn’t help feel sorry for Mollie who put her faith in Harry hoping to share the cash only to be stunned by his announcement.

She walked off the show in bewilderment and to the sound of a few curse words.

The show is exceptional and ratings have been high over six million viewers.

Mollie said: ‘I think Harry played an amazing game.’

12 episodes of intense drama and ultimate betrayal. Presented by Claudia Winkleman, a true star in every sense. We saw twists and turns aplenty. Personal favourites were Paul & Harry who literally had the faithful eating out of their hands.

I can’t wait for next year.

Photo: Freepik