5 Ways To Get A Freebies From Your Local Casino

5 Ways To Get A Freebies From Your Local Casino What’s better than your bog standard bet? A free bet. Now, I know a lot of you will be moaning about free bets because they are the first step to a slippery slope for many an addict. But free bets, offers or incentives are both a brilliant marketing tool for the gambling industry but also their Achilles’ heel. They have to give you the goodies and then hope you go completely out of control and blow a grand on the roulette. Yes, I am prone to hyperbole. But what are the best ways to get a lovely free bet from your casino?

1) For starters, it’s a good idea to join their membership, you’ll get a card, online access, and regular emails keeping you informed of all the free stuff going. I’ve been given free bets up to £75. And I can tell you now, that’s no because I’m losing money. Also, join their Facebook Page, Twitter and any other social media. You don’t have to, but if you are in control of your gambling, and you need to be, then all these match bets, free bets and discounts on food are literally up for grabs.

2) Be patient and don’t go to the casino that often. That’s when they try to tempt you back and will give a decent match bet or something to make you interested. The key part of all these freebies is to stick to your betting like glue. A £20 match bet means next to nothing if you bet £1,000. But if you bet small, you are doubling your chance of winning and beating the house edge. In truth, you are odds on to win. How many times do you hear that.

3) Although it pays to be quiet, it can be handy to keep the casino informed of your plans. If you intend to turn up with a group, tell them you are organising a night out and if you and the Groovy Gang get a few match bets or a discount off the food bill then you will be there on the dot. Surprise surprise you will see something heading to your mailbox. Considering you are going, what have you got to lose.

4) The classic survey. Take a moment to complete a survey about your last visit and they will give you a £5 free bet or more. It takes about two minutes and is money for nothing. Also, give the casino your feedback in person or via email as they are interested in improving their customers’ experience.

5) Quite often casino restaurants have few customers. They seem more interested in gambling than eating. However, a number of these establishments are fit for royalty and you are dining in a room which is akin to a mansion. Also, the food is often greatly discounted to get punters in the casino to bet. You can simply go for a meal and have no interest in gambling at all. The service in casinos is head and shoulders above your general restaurant so make the most of it. If you turn up on specific dates and one person signs up for their membership card (doesn’t cost you any money) the whole bill will be half price. That can easily be worth £100 if not a lot more.

Who says nothing is for free?

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5 Time Slots At The Casino: Who Will You Meet?

5 Time Slots At The Casino: Who Will You Meet?I guess many casinos are open 24/7. Most likely those in Las Vegas. Living in the UK I’m not sure many have similar open and closing times. I’ve been to a good few Grosvenor Casinos. My favourite being Great Yarmouth. Being on the coast, you have the horse racing and casino if you fancy a bet. Also, you have the greyhound racing so there is no end to your options if you’re a budding addy.

The latest time I’ve left the casino is about 2 am. I’m not that much of a night owl and the thought of going home at 6 am (when the casino closes) isn’t my idea of fun. I like my sleep more than the chance of winning a grand!

Each to their own.

One of my cousins left at 6 am. I saw him sitting down ready for breakfast at the hotel at eight. He didn’t have much of an appetite under the weather with a hangover.

Choosing which time you arrive at the casino for a bit of a gamble offers a varied clientele. Who you are likely to bump into at these selected times?

1) 12 Noon –

The casino has just opened so you may have to wait for the gaming tables to warm up, probably preferring to play the slots or the roulette terminals. However, you can play on the live tables and it’s often a lovely, quiet time of day to have a bet. Certainly not so noisy as an evening and the staff who are most likely rested are even more upbeat than normal. You may have a few die-hard regular waiting to try their luck on the slots. If you like a relaxed atmosphere or a novice just wanting to learn the ropes you really couldn’t ask for a better time of day to visit a casino. It reminds me of the good old days going for a drink on a Sunday lunchtime but quieter.

2) 7:30 –

The classic going out time, hey. It’s no different at the casino. Ideal if you want to go to the restaurant and have a meal before you get stuck into your dessert of 3-card poker. And there’s me thinking you just wanted a mouthful of  spotted dick. Anyway, enough about your carnal thoughts. It’s a time where the live play is warming up. Remember most gamblers are night owls so this is like 7 am to a normal person. It’s a pleasant time of the day. There isn’t too much hustle and bustle and you can enjoy your gambling without waiting for someone to lose all their money and vanish to cardboard city. Ideal for the everyday gambler, couples and those who aren’t into chatting to drunkards.


I’ve change this to the twenty-four-hour clock. Almost military in nature as you might turn up to the casino and feel like you’re in a war zone. OK, it’s not that bad but it’s getting than way. The tables are crowded. If you’re lucky enough to get a seat at the roulette table, you’ll probably have some Chinese bloke almost laying on top of you to get to his favourite number. Or you’ll see an arm ten feet long place a bet on every number which sees your face is nestled within his BO armpit. The zoo-like experience worsens with a punter losing a grand a spin. You will be met by a younger crowd who are betting for the first time and just as keen on chatting up the croupier as winning a fortune. Neither is likely to happen – ever. If you love a bit of a rowdy edge to proceedings you’ll be at home with this crowd. It’s the true casino experience where you are just as likely to find someone’s tooth on the floor as you are a £5 chip. Thankfully, there’s always a quiet spot for a moment of peace and quiet.

Not on the tables though.


It’s like a scene from one of those old movies where most people have to sit down else they would fall down. The drink has been flowing, the bets have been flying and the atmosphere is similar to that of a bomb disposal unit. It’s a mix of hope and despair. Those who have been on the end of a betting hammering are muttering discontent while those who are winning are cheering louder and louder with a crowd of hangers on looking for a free bet or a glimpse of ludy luck. Most normal people have gone home so you are left with a melting pot of naive or deviant characters. Some look like they want to take you home while others want to beat you up. And that’s just the women. If you like a hostile atmosphere and you wear dentures (no fear of losing your own teeth) you may be having the time of your life. However, unless you are three-parts drunk, a part-time boxer or desperately hoping for a change of luck you may be better off in your crib.

5) 5:55 AM

Even betting addicts rarely see this time of day. Even they have given up the ghost and been asleep for a couple of hours. It’s that time of day where you know anyone left in the casino has a story to tell. It’s probably the kind of tale that will haunt you for years to come or make you rush into the toilets and slit your wrists. Be careful, the chances are someone is already in there and they’ve died. Most punters still hanging around 5-minutes before closing are on the edge of bankruptcy or nervous breakdown (probably both). They may have been winning good cash at 4 am but it’s all turned nasty since and they are on a recovery mission and it’s all gone pear shaped. Their eyes are squinting, their breathing fluctuates with the highs and lows of each hand while a couple of the staff have been assigned to hook up dehydrated punters to a drip in a darkened room out the back. With the quiet word to each person left standing, they realise it is time to go home even though they feel they need just a little more time to win their cash back. You may see one person with a smile on their face because they won big. They are told to leave one-minute before the madding crowd just in case they are mugged on the way home.

Never attempt to enter a casino at 5:55 am.

It will only end in tears.

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3 Slot Winners That Hit The Jackpot

3 Slot Winners That Hit The Jackpot Slot machines are said to account for 70% of the big casinos profits. Quite remarkable when you think they equate to billions of pounds in revenue. When you consider the average casino cut from slots is 3% just think of the money put in those machines. Personally, I find the old style fruit machines and one-armed bandits more interesting than these multi-lines which make understanding whether you have won or not difficult. If you want to be a big winner then play progressive slots. Take a look at these players who literally pocketed a fortune.

1) $39.7M

Venue – Excaliber Casino, Las Vegas

Winner: Anonymous

Date: 21st March, 2003

Story: A 25-year-old software engineer asked for anonymity after winning this colossal payout on the Las Vegas strip. He bet $100 and looking after for a moment turned to see the winning symbols lined up.

He said: ‘’I’m still stunned; it doesn’t seem real yet. Both my parents are still working, so some of this money will be used to fund their retirement.’’

2) $34.9M

Venue: Desert Inn Casino, Las Vegas

Winner: Cynthia Jay Brennan

Date: 28th January, 2000

Story: The cocktail waitress won the second largest payout after changing her normal routine. She said: ‘I had played the $21 I usually play and turned round and was going to leave but decided to put another $6 in and the last $3 hit the jackpot. So she bet $27 before lining up the three Megabucks symbols which had been the talk of the state for several months.

‘It’s unbelievable. I’ve been in shock. I didn’t sleep much last night.’

She said she would share her winnings with boyfriend and Monte Carlo hotel-casino co-worker Terry Brennan.

She continued: ‘The money might change me but the people I had in my life last week are going to be the people who are in my life next week.’

3) $27.5M

Venue: Palace Station Resort, Las Vegas

Winner: Anonymous

Date: 18th November, 1998

Story: The 67-year-old long time Las Vegas resident hit the jackpot while waiting for a table in one of the resort’s restaurants. Wishing to keep her anonymity, she said: ‘I want to still go to the supermarket without being recognised.’

She continued: ‘Everyone will be taken care of…’ meaning the casino employees would get a big tips.

Intending to spend $100 she continued and won the jackpot playing $240.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol While Gambling

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol While Gambling Lots of people love a drink. The problem being where do you draw the line between being sober and drunk. Most people slip past midway without a thought in the world and some go on the oblivion. But drinking alcohol and gambling can be one of those problem areas that we can fall into without appreciating the consequences. Personally, I do have a pint or two (sometimes none depending how I feel and what I am doing) but rarely over three. That’s on a non gambling day. I’m more careful if betting. Should we really think before we drink when it comes to placing a bet? What are the odds it will be a bad decision? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t take a sip of Grandpa’s medicine.

1) I’ll Only Have A Pint

I don’t know about you, but all those times I ended up with the hangover from hell came after uttering those words. A swift half turned into yard of ale, a few rugby songs and staggering home in the early hours which seemed to take hours. So now when I’m considering going to the horse racing or casino I decide what I’m drinking so it isn’t an open ended question. From my experience, betting and drink don’t mix.

2) It’s A Long Day

If you go to the races and the casino it’s a long day made even longer by alcohol. You can find yourself drinking too much at the races (costly too just the beer) and you can start losing your sense and bet like there’s no tomorrow. If you start chasing your losses you can soon find yourself in a hole. Then you’re at the casino from perhaps 7:30pm onwards. It’s truly hard work and a bad idea. I doubt anyone has figured it was a good decision.

3) The Cost Of Drinking

Not only is drinking expensive but it can addle your mind. Don’t drink alcohol and bet. If you are thinking about having a heavy night of betting then don’t touch a drop. It won’t do you any favours and the casino may well ask you to leave or suggest you stop gambling as they don’t want some lawsuit against them or fear how this could impact on their licence. You cannot think straight after too much liquor and if you don’t lose all your cash you will wake up with a bad head.

4) Bad Company

Drinking heavily can see your behaviour changed markedly. You simply wouldn’t say these things if sober. If you are loud, argumentative or a bit too flirty at the gaming tables then don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave. These people are doing their job not looking after the inebriated. Have a little respect for yourself and others else it may come back to haunt you.

5) It’s Time To Go Home

You may have had such a drink that you feel you could fight Mike Tyson with one arm behind your back. However, the reality is that you can’t walk in a straight line, talk with any sense or make a logical decision. You’re pissed! You never know who is watching you at the casino but someone is especially if you have won a few quid. You are vulnerable to a mugging or confronted by someone sober who think you look an easier option than the next 6/4 favourite. Don’t take your chance going outside or walking to your hotel because you may not get there. There’s a chance you will fall flat on your face without a push.

Drinking is bad news if you’re a gambler.

Sober up.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bet On Slots

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bet On SlotsLove them or hate them slots are big business as a profit making machine for casinos online or brick-and-mortar. To be honest, I’m not keen on betting slots as they are said to be the most addictive form of gambling. There is something slightly soul destroying about pressing a button – without thinking – and winning or more likely losing cash.

My upbringing was about gambling. A child of the 70s, my parents who loved a drink and a smoke, literally encouraged us to have a bet on the fruit machines and one-armed bandits. I loved every moment. The best part being a memory of playing an Indian Head Jennings slot machine before it was realised they were collectors item. I think the benefit of playing these 2p slots was that it got it out of my system. I am a gambler but not on the slots as I find them boring, depressing and pretty much futile.

As a form of winning, being non skill based, they are pointless as a way of making money beyond pure luck.

Sure, we all need a little bit of luck, and that can happen at any time, but if you play the slots week-in-week out you’re onto a big-time loser.

1) As with all gambling, set out your stall by deciding how much you will bet. When playing slots, this is even more important as the repetitive nature of slots can be mind-numbing. Also, check the jackpot prize money. If you are playing 25p a go and the top price is £100 you have to question why bother. Considering you can lose £10 in a matter of 40 spins it’s truly a bad idea.

2) Did you know that 70% of casino revenue from Las Vegas comes from slots. That tells you how popular they are a real money maker for establishments.

3) Be careful not to drink alcohol while playing slots. It’s a disaster.

4) There is no strategy to playing and winning on slots. There are seemingly no ways to improve your chance of cashing in. You can have a system but it doesn’t help improve your odds of winning. On average, the casino edge is 8%. So for a continuous betting run if £1000 you expect to lose £80. I’m sure the slots I have played have been considerably worse.

5) My person opinion is that slots are bad news. However, everyone has their likes and dislikes and that can only be a matter of personal choice. I would just say that slots are more addictive than most forms of gambling and that’s why it is a good idea to limit your stakes and keep account of losses. If the number are truly negative you know the only answer is to stop. Playing £1 or £2 a spin can result in losses of £1000 per hour.

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