Common Gambling Lucky Charms


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There is one thing gambling history teaches us: australian online gambling sites and luck go hand in hand. Gamblers’ insatiable faith in the high power known as eight black may be superstition or a true effect of the gods of gambling, luck, and fortune. If you are curious about how gambling and lucky objects are linked in general, or if you are a gambler looking for powerful good luck charms, below is a list of some popular gambling lucky charms that players bring to their gameplay in the hopes of bringing them great luck and payouts.

Laughing Buddha

Chinese ‘monks’, also called ‘Hotai’ or ‘Pu-Tai,’ are said to bring prosperity to households by meditating on the Laughing Buddha. A chubby Buddha statue grants wishes and brings good fortune to a household/individual by rubbing its belly. Recently, Hotai has become a lucky charm for both gambling and good luck at home. For those seeking greater prosperity and wealth, a laughing Buddha holding a pot of gold or gold nuggets is considered the best.

Cat’s Eye Gem

Cat’s Eye Gems are considered gambling lucky charms and talismans that are believed to ward off ghosts, the evil eye, and other negative influences. It is also known as an amulet for gambling luck, as its name implies it resembles cat’s eyes. Lucky ornaments, in particular, like Cat’s Eye Gem, protect riches by lessening loss of money and increasing business stability. Preserve them in your wallet, pocket, or anywhere near you as you play – you never know when a splendid fortune will come your way.

Four-leaf Clover

Despite its historical ties to Irish tradition, the cloverleaf is likely among the most famous lucky charms globally. A three-leaf clover was originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day as a representational icon for the Christian Holy Trinity: The God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. However, if the fourth leaf is existent, it represents God’s grace and is regarded as working good luck charms. The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are 1 in 5076, making the finder incredibly lucky.


There are many myths and strategies that people use to win online casino games click here if you would like to play games. Which ever way any person can get to choose their own lucky charm if it works for them.