Five Common Strategies for Casino Fraud people use

Five Common Strategies for Casino Fraud people use Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

There is no doubt how big a business gaming is. Casinos in the United States made $62.8 billion in revenue in 2011, according to Spectrum Gaming Group, an entity that conducts research and offers professional services.

The bad news for the gaming industry is that cheating can be very profitable for those who can figure out how to trick the house. With the development of technology, it becomes increasingly challenging to accomplish. Every table in a casino has a camera directed at it, and the personnel is always alert for anything out of the ordinary.

High-tech tools and conventional sleight-of-hand techniques can also be used to pull off the scams. In either scenario, they are against the law, and anyone found will likely go to jail. However, there are variations in penalties between states. For instance, in Nevada, a person found guilty of cheating faces a $10,000 fine, one to six years in prison, or both.

  1. Misleading Shuffle

This casino hack requires the card dealer’s participation to work. The dealer performs what seems to be a conventional shuffle but leaves certain cards in place. This enables the conspirators to keep track of the cards and determine when the unshuffled cards are dealt with.

The Tran Organization successfully used it.

The crew broke into casinos all around the country and won up to $7 million playing fake shuffle mini-baccarat and blackjack games. Over 40 people, including the company’s founders Phuong Quoc Trong and Van Thu Tran, pleaded guilty to offenses connected to the cheating fraud once the gang was ultimately brought down.

  1. Past Postings for Roulette

One of the oldest tricks in the book, past posting in roulette is still an issue in the business, claims Joseph. In addition, the cheats can easily place their chips on the winning number after the roulette ball has fallen. The usual strategy is for one player to divert the dealer’s attention while the other places his chips on the winning number and his accomplice’s other colored chips underneath.

  1. Baccarat Scam With Hidden Camera

The usage of a covert camera concealed up the cheater’s sleeve is required for this maneuver. After cutting the deck of cards, the player gently separates the cards by dragging the sliced card across the top of the deck. A second person, hidden from view by the camera, monitors the cards and relays information to the player through an earpiece.

5. Counting of Cards

Card counters are referred to as “advantage players,” or people who use an advantage they have to win, as opposed to being cheaters. They are allowed to calculate the proportion of high cards to low cards still in the deck by keeping a running total of the values of the cards they have seen. Joseph claims that the behavior turns into cheating when a device, such as a card-counting machine, is employed.