5 Reasons Why You Need Gambling Discipline At The Casino

5 Reasons Why You Need Gambling Discipline At The CasinoImage by YuliiaKa on Freepik

How did that song go: ‘Money talks, money talks, dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you, ooh.’ The song Dirty Cash (Money Talks) By The Adventures of Stevie V (1990).

Who doesn’t want some clean or dirty cash?

The chances are if you gamble without some element of wisdom you simply won’t have any cash at all. It will be stolen before your eyes by something called the house edge which has seen a million and one people just like you have that empty-pocket feeling. Wise up and do yourself a favour. I looks to me like you need a little bit of knowledge and build your gambling discipline.

Take a look at these 5 aspects of gambling discipline.

The Wise Gambler Built His House Upon The Rocks

You may be thinking that has a religious foundation. You’d be correct. Without a strong foundation you will have no balance. That’s standing as well as bank balance or casino bankroll. To be fair, learning those wise gems of gambling wisdom don’t come easy. They have been found while you’re down on your luck and wondering how did I find myself in this situation. Think about what gambling means to you. How does it motivate you? How does it make you behave? And, ultimately, how do you feel the next day when the dust settles? Those particles of dust shining in the light are like wisdom. You need to stop, look and think about the whole experience. If you assess your gambling you will learn. If you don’t it will be like water off a ducks back. Except you will still suffer the losses which never come easy. Learn lessons from others are they are cheap gains. But ultimately you only learn true lessons from your own experience. Build your gambling knowledge and discipline from a strong foundation. That often starts with safety first.

1) Strict Budget & Bankroll

The problem with all gambling is that without a limit there may be no limit. This can lead to serious problems and huge regret. This isn’t just for gamblers on a losing run but those who are on a winning streak and then nosedive like a plane with no wings. There isn’t a parachute either. Even with skill based betting you need to impose a strict budget and what you call a sustainable loss. Financially and emotionally, how much can you afford to lose? This differs from person to person. But within the average bettor a loss of a few hundred is a day day and beyond that you are in that area of regret. Casino games are fixed odds. That means, the longer you play the more you will lose. That’s just a simple average but it pays to deal with facts rather than imagine something to justify why it’s ok to carrying on betting when everyone and everything around you is saying it’s a bad idea. Ideally you should put a cap on your betting when you lose x-amount. If you don’t, you will build bad habits and you will be a lost cause. Set a limit, then stop. Ideally, leave when you are winning.

2) Identify & Play The Best Games

You know what we mean by best games? Those with the smallest house edge. It’s remarkable how many people go to the casino and they don’t have any idea about the house edge for different games. This can be very bad news if you enjoy playing a game such as double zero roulette compared to the European single zero. We are talking about a difference of 2.7 percent. The same can be said for many slots which have a very high edge. Some up to 15%. This is terrible news for a gambler. You literally have much less chance of winning than say playing blackjack which is more like 2%. No wonder slots equate for about 70% of the casinos earnings. They just syphon your money into their bank account. Play a game which gives you a chance to win. Also, if you strike lucky early it is probably a good time to go home than play and lose.

3) Brain Game

Gambling is basically 100% mental. You use your brain to make decisions and you need to keep in top mental shape. In this world of distractions such as social media and tinpot TV shows, people do everything to avoid being wise to the gambling game. Your body and mind need exercise to function to their best. When you feel your mind isn’t sharp stop gambling. This can be due to tiredness, drinking alcohol, taking drugs or just lacking focus. Mistakes when gambling can be very costly and if you make one you will make more. At the very least you may need to go outside and get some fresh air. Ideally you will call it a night and come back another day refreshed and wiser for the experience.

4) Focus

It’s easy to forget about focus but the best gamblers are very focused people. If you haven’t considered focus within your gambling then you are probably naive or someone who simply hasn’t learned much over the years. This can happen if you solely bet for fun. Losing money isn’t fun. Lacking focus and losing a lot of money is pointless and regrettable. Casinos are designed to fill your head with distractions. The noise of slots, the crowd, and the environment can see you make mistakes. As the definition explains, you need to be in the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition and pay attention. You need to be mindful of how you focus and practice. This can be quite tiring at first but it can help you achieve a higher level when gambling. Slots don’t need any focus to play them but your focus should be on how much you are betting and if losing to know when to stop.

5) Stop Betting

Every gambler needs the discipline to walk away especially when you hit the limit on your losses. It can be difficult to stop betting if you are losing more money than less so good reason why you should bet small stakes. I have found slots quite difficult to leave and it has made me question playing them at all. Without a bankroll or staking budget you simply have no limit. This is a disaster of a mindset. Remember having discipline is a strength. Focus on that strength.

How To Improve Your Gambling Discipline

  • Simply make the decision

  • Be 100% committed to being disciplined

  • Keep focused

  • Reinforce good discipline

  • If you are really struggling with discipline break it into timely segments, say 30 mins

  • Expand those segments over time

  • Keep a journal or make assessments of your casino trip pros and cons

5 Crazy Facts You Wouldn’t Believe About Casinos

5 Crazy Facts You Wouldn’t Believe About CasinosImage by katemangostar on Freepik

You’re probably saying: ‘I could tell you 100 crazy facts about the casino just around the corner.’ Establishments across the world are a melting pot of different people, money and aspiration. For some it’s a simple night out while others may be money laundering, testing a new system on the roulette table or have hopes of being a professional gambler. For most, a trip to the casino is about a little bit of fun with a hope of winning some cash. On the spectrum of crazy facts you have the stories from the average punter to those which really do take some believing. These next five facts really do push the boundaries.

1) Inmates Had A Casino In Prison

I’m not sure what percentage of inmates are there through bad bets, stealing to play the slots of even murdering the poor soul who took their money. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The state of Nevada has probably seen and heard everything to the point of being pretty liberal for a prison. Believe it or not, but Nevada prison used to have a casino for inmates. Who doesn’t like a bet and the inmates were no different. Unfortunately, in 1967 a warden shut the casino down.

2) This Casino Is So Small It Doesn’t Even Have An Address

I’ve been to many Grosvenor casinos in the UK. One of my favourites being at Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk coast. I’ve never heard about the smallest casino as it is mobile in the back of a moving London cab. It has a gaming table with a dealer, chips, a TV showing sports and even a bar. Even more reason to give that taxi a call.

3) The Numbers On A Roulette Wheel Equal 666

The sign of the devil. You know, some people call a pack of playing cards the devil’s bible. Is gambling a sin in the eyes of God? Well, if you are looking for another sign then all roulette players should remember that all the numbers equal 666. Some call it the devil’s wheel.

4) The Ultimate Fruit Machine

I guess this is why some people call them fruit machines? It might be due to the fruit symbols on the reels. However, it is a fact that the early fruit machines didn’t pay out money they paid chewing gum and the symbols related tot he flavours. All this is part of the slots history.

5) The Biggest Casino Jackpot Win

These progressive slots can change someone’s life. And that’s exactly what happened when an anonymous player turned up at Las Vegas Excalibur Casino with $100. The Megabucks slot must have been warming up nicely as his small wager turned into $39.7 million jackpot prize.

5 Ways To Manage Your Bankroll At The Casino

5 Ways To Manage Your Bankroll At The CasinoImage by storyset on Freepik


That’s what the last person said as they walked from the casino pot less.

There is a lot more to enjoying the casino than losing far too much money and being left with regret. Part of being a successful if not seasoned gambler is understanding gambling discipline and an important part of that is bankroll management. An appreciation of these basic or complex skills may be the difference between you enjoying an evening, night or weekend at the casino. Take a look at these pointers to keep you on the straight and narrow.

1) How Much Are You Going To Bet?

That’s a very private question! Perhaps it is. However, I’d rather you say now than leave the casino in the early hours and say: ‘I’ve lost £5,000!’ It sounds impossible but it’s happened more times than you’d imagine. Remember Louis Theroux in the 2007: Gambling in Las Vegas. He shared a lift with a couple of gamblers and asked how much they had lost. A woman said: ‘Ten’. He said: ‘What ten dollars!’ She said: ‘No. $10,000.’ Louis was the only person who looked surprised. However, I think later that evening the woman would have been thinking it was a bad day at the office. Perhaps she was using her bankroll management and saved a healthy sum. It’s vital you decide what you can afford to lose and bet in that manner. Don’t get carried away by what others are doing and bet what is right for you. How many punters leave the casino with regrets? All those who didn’t set an acceptable bankroll and paid for the experience in cold, hard, cash.

2) Individual bets

So you have some aspect of gambling discipline. Good for you. You are going to chance your luck (fixed odds mean you need to get lucky) and bet £2,000. I go to the casino and bet £60 and have a good time so you need to decide at what point of the spectrum you are betting. It’s not simply about betting the total and going home broke. You need to divide your total bankroll and bet individually perhaps 3% – 5%. Remember, five percent is one twentieth of your total cash. That’s not a great deal of bets and playing three-card poker or blackjack can see your cash disappear quick fast. I really would be looking to bet 1% – 2% of your bankroll. What’s the rush? You have plenty of time to assess and think about your situation.

3) Games To Play And House Edge

It always surprises me that punters don’t know much about the house edge and how one game compares to another. This is important to your bankroll and your success. For example, some slots are bad news as the house edge is up to 15% which is a ridiculously high number. Other games such as blackjack are more like 2% and European roulette with the single zero is 2.7%. Other games fall somewhere in between the two. Three-card poker is a game I have played here and there. I think the house edge is pretty steep and the hands can come round fast which is important to consider. Roulette is a much slower game than slots. Consider how quick or slow your bankroll goes for each game. It’s best to stick with what you are familiar.

4) At The End Of The Night

Gambling at the casino can be great fun but it can be problematic. That’s why it’s never a good idea to drink alcohol. It can lead to other drinks and loosing inhibitions and acting recklessly. Whether you win or lose you should assess your evening and consider how things have gone. Perhaps you spent too much money of a new game. You may have pushed your luck too far when twisting on blackjack. There will also be good points about the evening including bets but also the environment. Being careful when leaving the casino with a lot of cash. Getting a taxi straight to your hotel. If you can learn something from the experience your next visit will be even better.

5) Conclusion

Many punters don’t think about their bankroll. They just bet and win or lose. It can be a recipe for disaster and lead to chasing losses which is the scenario many have found themselves. This is never going to turn out good. Having one eye on the bankroll will give you something to measure your time gaming and on your winning or losing. Part of the bankroll is knowing what you can afford to lose and that has as much to do with gambling discipline as anything else. Don’t get carried away in the moment and appreciate that you need to be just as careful when winning as losing. Don’t go from winning good money to losing. Stop when you can leave with a profit. 

What Newcomers to Online Casinos Should Know

What Newcomers to Online Casinos Should KnowImage by starline on Freepik

Gambling Online

Understanding how online gambling operates and what safety measures to take when gaming are two of the most important things for beginners to know. Understanding all of the rules and regulations that go along with playing at an online casino is essential for staying safe while having fun. Gamers may increase their financial return by taking advantage of features like bonus rewards or cashback opportunities with any game they play.

Benefits of Online Casinos

Online casinos have been more and more well-liked over the past ten years as players have flocked there to enjoy their favorite games. Newcomers to online casinos can be unaware of what information they need to be aware of before playing. This essay will examine the benefits of playing at an online casino and what newcomers should know before entering this exhilarating world.

Responsible Gambling Practices

As with any other form of leisure, like going out to eat or attending a movie, those who are new to online casinos should first establish and adhere to a budget. In order to avoid overindulging and losing all sense of reality, players need also keep track of how much time they spend playing games. Setting win and loss limits is also crucial because it teaches players to be more responsible with their bankrolls. When players reach their limit, they should stop playing, regardless of how much money they have already won or lost.

Types of Games Available

Online casinos offer many diverse and exciting gaming opportunities for newcomers. From classic table games to unique video slots and live dealer experiences, there is something for everyone at an online casino. This article will provide a comprehensive look at the types of games available so that new players can make informed decisions about which titles to try out first.

Payment Options

Online casinos offer their customers a variety of payment options, so newcomers to the industry should familiarize themselves with these choices. Investigate the available payment options and make sure your preferred method is supported before opening an account at an online casino. The majority of current online casinos allow customers to pay with debit or credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, bank transfers, pre-paid cards, and other options. Every one of these payment methods has advantages and disadvantages; for instance, e-wallets are frequently very quick, but they might also have extra fees or deposit limits. In a similar vein, although bank transfers take longer than other payment methods, they can frequently handle larger sums than most other methods.


Newcomers may find the world of online casinos intimidating, but with a few pointers and strategies, they can quickly feel comfortable with this exhilarating form of entertainment. Before participating in an online casino game, there are a number of things to keep in mind, from knowing the fundamentals of casino etiquette to finding reputable websites with secure gaming software. With some patience and knowledge, anyone can start having fun in the safe and secure setting offered by online casinos.

Top 9 Casino Secrets You Should Know

Top 9 Casino Secrets You Should KnowImage by fxquadro on Freepik

Casino Secrets

Gambling in a casino can be exciting. However, you need to know more than just the fundamentals if you want to improve your chances of winning and leaving the casino with a sizeable sum of money. You’ll have an advantage at the tables if you are aware of these top nine suggestions.

Understanding game rules and betting tactics are only the beginning of casino secrets. Critical skills that can aid players in their casino ventures include knowing when to leave a game, spotting signs of cheating, and making sure that the house isn’t manipulating the odds in its favor. Any player could have an advantage over their rivals by knowing what happens behind closed doors, enabling them to beat the house more frequently!

Secret #1: Bankroll Management

Effective bankroll management is the first step to a profitable evening at the casino. Knowing when to gamble, where to gamble, and how much to bet could mean the difference between winning big and leaving with nothing. You’ll be able to maintain focus and keep from getting sidetracked by losses if you stick to a budget and set limits for yourself. Most importantly, you must handle your money responsibly before you set foot on the casino floor.

To prevent going overboard, you should decide ahead of time how much money you are comfortable spending on gaming. Additionally, spreading risk across several activities rather than placing all of your eggs in one basket is another reason why investing money in various games is a crucial component of good bankroll management.

Secret #2: Know the Rules

No matter how seasoned you are at the casino, you must be aware of the rules before playing. Knowing the rules will give you an advantage over the competition and keep you one step ahead of the game. It will also help you avoid costly errors like betting on the wrong numbers or placing wagers that won’t pay off in the long run.

Playing a few games, whether online or in person, is the most effective way to learn the rules. You’ll be able to watch other players play and gain an understanding of how each game is played and what needs to be done to succeed as a result. Take notes, as they will be helpful when navigating trickier games like poker or craps later on.

Secret #3: Leverage Bonuses

Casino goers are the ones who value bonuses the most. To get the most out of your casino experience, Casino Secrets You Should Know explains how to use bonuses. Every casino game, from slots to table games and everything in between, must include bonuses.

If you are aware of how bonuses operate, you might raise your income. For instance, several casinos provide reload incentives in exchange for consistent account deposits. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can gradually increase your winnings significantly. Additionally, some casinos may offer special promotions or prizes for participating in a certain game or achieving a certain goal in a game, like completing a level or winning a jackpot. Knowing about these deals enables you to make advance plans and make sure you are utilizing all available casino bonuses.

Secret #4: Play Low House Edge Games

Casinos hold a lot of secrets that could increase players’ chances of winning. One tactic is to play games with a low house edge. Games with a low house edge give the casino a reduced advantage over the player. There are traditional card games like Caribbean Stud Poker, video poker, and table games like blackjack, craps, and baccarat available. By concentrating on these lower-edge games, players can limit the amount of money they run the danger of losing to the casino.

Players can choose which games to focus on by knowing which ones have the lowest house edge. When compared to other well-liked table and card games, blackjack offers some of the finest odds in terms of return, making it one of the most profitable casino games for players.

Secret #5: Play High Payout Games

Playing high-payout games is the key to increasing your casino wins, according to Secret No. 5. A high payout percentage in gambling means that more of your winnings remain in your account. Larger winnings and a higher likelihood of winning the huge jackpot are implied by higher payouts.

Understanding which games have the best possibility of receiving such payouts is crucial; given their high return-to-player (or RTP) rates, slots are a great option. The fact that video poker machines offer both high odds and low house edges makes them particularly enticing choices for players looking to increase their bottom line. Furthermore, table games like baccarat and blackjack typically offer high RTPs and shouldn’t be disregarded.

Secret #6: Use Strategies When Possible

It is critical to remember that while applying procedures correctly may increase your chances of success, they are not necessarily guaranteed to result in a win.

To begin using tactics while playing at a casino, thoroughly research the game and become acquainted with its rules. Knowing what options are available at each turning point can assist you in planning your strategy and will give you an advantage over other players who may not be as familiar with the game’s mechanics as you are. Practicing different strategies can also help you figure out which one best fits your playing style or long-term goals.

Secret #7: Manage Expectations

You know how stressful it can be with all the distractions if you’ve ever been on a casino floor. However, to make sure that your time there is successful and enjoyable, you must first learn the techniques for playing wisely and managing expectations.

Knowing how to manage expectations is the seventh of the top nine casino secrets you should be aware of. This requires setting restrictions on how much money can be spent and how much time can be spent in the casino. It also includes setting reasonable goals for massive wins, which are less frequent than novice gamblers might think. It’s important to know when to stop working; never chase losses or strain yourself too hard to win. Finally, remember that casinos are simply there for fun and not necessarily to generate money!

Secret #8: Set Limits on Losses and Wins

You can stay on top of the gambling game by establishing limits on wins and losses. The eighth of the top nine casino secrets involves putting restrictions on your wins and losses. The difference between a big loss and a small loss at the end of the night can be determined by knowing when to quit. To ensure that your bankroll does not get too small, set these restrictions before starting any casino game.

On the other hand, setting maximum win goals is equally as important as limiting losses because it will show you when to cash out and leave with your money while still having fun. Additionally, by setting up predetermined winning and loss caps, players are more likely to stay on task during their gaming session as opposed to getting diverted by bonus offers or other annoyances that would occur at a conventional brick-and-mortar casino.

Secret #9: Don’t Drink and Gamble

Alcohol and gambling have a convoluted and lengthy history together. For many people, drinking and gambling may create an exciting and enjoyable environment. But for certain others, the combo can suddenly turn lethal. If you want to have the best casino experience possible, it’s imperative to keep in mind Secret #9: Don’t Drink and Gamble.

The risk that you won’t make wise judgments or keep to your budget increases when you drink while gambling. As your judgment is impaired by alcohol, it is simple to overpay or place bets with bigger stakes than you are comfortable with. Additionally, casinos frequently offer complimentary drinks as a way to entice patrons to remain longer and wager more, further increasing their debt. The truth is that you are more likely to lose money when you gamble while intoxicated than to win it.


To make your gaming experience as enjoyable as possible, casino enthusiasts need to be aware of the top 9 casino secrets. With this information, you may improve your chances of striking it rich and enjoy your time at the casino more.

To keep you playing for a long time, casinos offer enticing incentives and bonuses, which is something you must first realize. You might be able to set reasonable gaming objectives and expectations if you comprehend this idea. Second, prior knowledge is key when playing at a casino; always take the time to find out about any special offers or rules that may apply before placing any bets or wagers. Last but not least, players must employ responsible gambling strategies like setting spending limits and keeping a close eye on them; if necessary, think about getting professional assistance.