5 Reasons Why You Need Gambling Discipline At The Casino

5 Reasons Why You Need Gambling Discipline At The CasinoImage by YuliiaKa on Freepik

How did that song go: ‘Money talks, money talks, dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you, ooh.’ The song Dirty Cash (Money Talks) By The Adventures of Stevie V (1990).

Who doesn’t want some clean or dirty cash?

The chances are if you gamble without some element of wisdom you simply won’t have any cash at all. It will be stolen before your eyes by something called the house edge which has seen a million and one people just like you have that empty-pocket feeling. Wise up and do yourself a favour. I looks to me like you need a little bit of knowledge and build your gambling discipline.

Take a look at these 5 aspects of gambling discipline.

The Wise Gambler Built His House Upon The Rocks

You may be thinking that has a religious foundation. You’d be correct. Without a strong foundation you will have no balance. That’s standing as well as bank balance or casino bankroll. To be fair, learning those wise gems of gambling wisdom don’t come easy. They have been found while you’re down on your luck and wondering how did I find myself in this situation. Think about what gambling means to you. How does it motivate you? How does it make you behave? And, ultimately, how do you feel the next day when the dust settles? Those particles of dust shining in the light are like wisdom. You need to stop, look and think about the whole experience. If you assess your gambling you will learn. If you don’t it will be like water off a ducks back. Except you will still suffer the losses which never come easy. Learn lessons from others are they are cheap gains. But ultimately you only learn true lessons from your own experience. Build your gambling knowledge and discipline from a strong foundation. That often starts with safety first.

1) Strict Budget & Bankroll

The problem with all gambling is that without a limit there may be no limit. This can lead to serious problems and huge regret. This isn’t just for gamblers on a losing run but those who are on a winning streak and then nosedive like a plane with no wings. There isn’t a parachute either. Even with skill based betting you need to impose a strict budget and what you call a sustainable loss. Financially and emotionally, how much can you afford to lose? This differs from person to person. But within the average bettor a loss of a few hundred is a day day and beyond that you are in that area of regret. Casino games are fixed odds. That means, the longer you play the more you will lose. That’s just a simple average but it pays to deal with facts rather than imagine something to justify why it’s ok to carrying on betting when everyone and everything around you is saying it’s a bad idea. Ideally you should put a cap on your betting when you lose x-amount. If you don’t, you will build bad habits and you will be a lost cause. Set a limit, then stop. Ideally, leave when you are winning.

2) Identify & Play The Best Games

You know what we mean by best games? Those with the smallest house edge. It’s remarkable how many people go to the casino and they don’t have any idea about the house edge for different games. This can be very bad news if you enjoy playing a game such as double zero roulette compared to the European single zero. We are talking about a difference of 2.7 percent. The same can be said for many slots which have a very high edge. Some up to 15%. This is terrible news for a gambler. You literally have much less chance of winning than say playing blackjack which is more like 2%. No wonder slots equate for about 70% of the casinos earnings. They just syphon your money into their bank account. Play a game which gives you a chance to win. Also, if you strike lucky early it is probably a good time to go home than play and lose.

3) Brain Game

Gambling is basically 100% mental. You use your brain to make decisions and you need to keep in top mental shape. In this world of distractions such as social media and tinpot TV shows, people do everything to avoid being wise to the gambling game. Your body and mind need exercise to function to their best. When you feel your mind isn’t sharp stop gambling. This can be due to tiredness, drinking alcohol, taking drugs or just lacking focus. Mistakes when gambling can be very costly and if you make one you will make more. At the very least you may need to go outside and get some fresh air. Ideally you will call it a night and come back another day refreshed and wiser for the experience.

4) Focus

It’s easy to forget about focus but the best gamblers are very focused people. If you haven’t considered focus within your gambling then you are probably naive or someone who simply hasn’t learned much over the years. This can happen if you solely bet for fun. Losing money isn’t fun. Lacking focus and losing a lot of money is pointless and regrettable. Casinos are designed to fill your head with distractions. The noise of slots, the crowd, and the environment can see you make mistakes. As the definition explains, you need to be in the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition and pay attention. You need to be mindful of how you focus and practice. This can be quite tiring at first but it can help you achieve a higher level when gambling. Slots don’t need any focus to play them but your focus should be on how much you are betting and if losing to know when to stop.

5) Stop Betting

Every gambler needs the discipline to walk away especially when you hit the limit on your losses. It can be difficult to stop betting if you are losing more money than less so good reason why you should bet small stakes. I have found slots quite difficult to leave and it has made me question playing them at all. Without a bankroll or staking budget you simply have no limit. This is a disaster of a mindset. Remember having discipline is a strength. Focus on that strength.

How To Improve Your Gambling Discipline

  • Simply make the decision

  • Be 100% committed to being disciplined

  • Keep focused

  • Reinforce good discipline

  • If you are really struggling with discipline break it into timely segments, say 30 mins

  • Expand those segments over time

  • Keep a journal or make assessments of your casino trip pros and cons