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5 Reasons Why You Want To Play Free Slots

5 Reasons Why You Want To Play Free SlotsImage by pikisuperstar on Freepik

To be honest, I’m not sure whether you want to play free slots. However, I’m writing an article with the magic number 5 and this is the subject. Also, checking out SEO Key Words for casinos I notice Free Slots has decent average monthly traffic 165,000 and competition is low. What more can a blogger ask for? Someone to write the article would be a good start. Anyway, I will do a little bit of research and see what I can find. There may be more than five reasons we want to play free slots or there may be even less.

Let’s take a look to see.

I’ve found a website with a similar post so I’m going to take a read and spin this out like a stormtrooper with fetish for winning lines. Remember we are interested in free to play and not pay to play.

1) You Can’t Lose

Never a bad starting point when playing the slots. The downside is that you can’t win so if you are in credit by a grand you may be wishing you’d put your hand in your pocket. However, a grand down and you’re thanking your lucky stars. If you fancy playing literally until the cows come home (to all those farmers out there) then this is your bag (of milk). It’s an interesting concept that you can take advantage of free slots. And some free slots even allow you to win money without paying a bean (to all those bean farmers out there). The main reason for free slots is that it’s good promotion for the website. This may be for an online casino or software developer showing their talents. You may head to an online casino and get 20 spins for free and you can keep the profits. I guess if you lose you may put your hand in your pocket and they get your dosh (perhaps). Free slots that let you win real money are found across the internet. An option if you have no money, don’t like spending money or just hate pay slots.

2) Skill Free Play

That’s right, you don’t need any skills to play these free slots. They are pure chance anyway so whether paid or not you need a little bit of luck to see those credits go into lift off. With no money at risk you can play stress free. Crack open a beer at the end of a long day and have the time of your life playing free slots. Your only interest is fun. It’s like being in a money-free world where everyone smiles, plays slot machines and doesn’t fret about being a grand down. Simply choose your favourite game (try them all as they don’t cost you anything). You may even pick up a few strategies for play the real pay slots.

3) Plenty Of Free Slots To Choose

I’m pretty sure I’ve played on these free slots before. You can pay to play and you don’t have to go crazy betting $5 a spin. Free slots have as many games to choose as the paying so there is no lack of fun. Slotmania, a Facebook page, has 160 free slots you can play. Unibet has 99 free spinners, while House Of Fun has 777. I think that must be a lucky omen. I’m tempted to go there and win no money but lose no money. Although, perhaps we can get a few free spins to win some dirty cash. You can sample over 1000 free slots from these platforms, which should take most teenagers into middle age. Take your pick from the old fashioned fruit machines to those space age things with a million win lines.

4) Play At A Snail’s Pace

Free slots are available 24 hours a day. Choose your time. Play. Finish work you can play free slots while you watch Coronation Street. What more could anyone want when they are dressed in their favourite Pjs and cracked open a tinny. You don’t need to rush playing real money slots but there’s something truly relaxing about having no fear of losing cash. Playing with real cash does bring limitation. How much money do you have and want to spend? There’s no need to think about bankroll or gambling discipline. Free slots and apps give you that luxury. It’s enough to make me want to open a packet of pork scratchings.

5) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

As the song goes: ‘I do.’ Well that’s what real money slots promise. They promise the chance to win a fortune if you are lucky. We all know that they are made to lose money but we’ve all heard the story about the man who won $36 million in Las Vegas for $100. In truth, winning a million on the slots isn’t real. Well, for the millions of players it really isn’t likely to happen at all. The odds are slim but possible. However, you have to risk your own cash and there are times when you just don’t want to do that. Who wants to end up broke? Lots of people have. Perhaps you could win a million on free slots. I’m not sure if that has happened but perhaps it has. Playing free slots is fun, exciting and offers a chance to fantasise about what could be. You may not win any cash but you enjoyed the experience.