5 Reasons Gambling Is Anti Social

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So you love a little flutter?

I’ll do as I wish!’

However, the problem with being interested in gambling or desensitised if not normalised to it is that we are blinded by how we can be stigmatised by our peers, that old lady standing outside the bookmakers or making small talk in the confessional box at your local church.

You’ve become so habituated to it’s ‘evils’ (I say that with a smile) that we don’t realise that we may have tarnished ourselves. Just imagine, if you saw Rev Furlong, of St John’s Church, standing outside the local convenience stored with a scratch card, feverishly rubbing away the silver hopeful, if not daring to pray, for a win.

Perhaps you would never look at him in the same way again.

Each to their own. I guess. But life, actions and discourse aren’t value free and you may have wished you’d kept your gambling as a dirty little secret. Let someone else spread the gossip behind your back.

Yes, I paint a picture with words. Even more so if they were written in blood.

But why is gambling anti social?

Here are 5 examples I have noticed. I’m a gambler so I can only imagine how the normal, average person may think.

1) It’s You’re Favourite Subject

You know your subject matter. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. You know lots of stuff other people don’t know. For example, how many seconds it takes a horse to run a furlong, how many metres are there in a furlong etc. You have facts and figures coming out of your ears. You find you want to share your ‘gems of wisdom’ with anyone you meet. It’s like a meet and greet without the person really being interested at all. The lady who works on the till at Sainsburys hasn’t even ever thought about a thoroughbred horse, let alone think about betting or making a bet. She’s going to look at you as if you’ve got two heads – one your bonce and the other a manic horse who can’t stop chatting. Be careful that the person you just love to tell enjoys the conversation or gets something from it. Your favourite subject may be theirs but you will understand if a tree hugger starts talking to you about how you grow an oak tree to encourage squirrels.

2) Let’s Play The Slots

I’ve found myself in this position before. My cousin loves to play the slots. In the UK we are more likely to call them one-armed bandits (if you have grey hair) or fruit machines if you have have some aspect of youthfulness about you. Whatever you call them, it can be a very anti social act when with company. If your slot-playing friend is playing the slots then don’t try to engage in small talk. In fact, don’t talk about anything even fruit machines. They won’t be interested in a single word you are saying, unlikely to reply and you’ll question whether they have gone deaf. To be fair, you are the problem rather than them because I know for a fact they wouldn’t invite you for a chat as that first coin or note goes down the throat of the beast. So it’s you inviting yourself to the party and then being given the cold shoulder. Sure it’s anti social but that’s the life of the gambler. Those flashing lights and sounds block the brain from social interaction.

3) Chatting In The Pub

Unless you live in a vacuum or enjoy chatting to yourself in a sound-proof room your conversation about gambling may well be in the public arena. Someone may be earwigging your conversation. If they wear a hearing aid they may have the luxury of switching it off. Not that will help them too much unless they can lip read. For example, you are going to the horse racing and sitting in the pub before the first race. To be fair you are in your environment. However, even if you are the font of all wisdom you will be viewed as a prat (who either knows too much or too little) because you can’t please everyone all the time. In fact, you are unlikely to please anyone even the person you are having the conversation with. Do yourself a favour, don’t say anything about your fancy in the next race or reasoning. Drink, chat about anything else, and be merry.

4) You Know Nothing

If you are successful at gambling, making a few quid, and have something to tell the world, I wouldn’t bother. You will be viewed as anti social if not contempt. Why? Because very few people, including punters, can get their head around the fact that you know enough to make your betting pay. They reason if they can’t do it why should you be able to. Perhaps they have the same understanding with anyone who makes money. Gambling breeds an audience of contempt. They know nothing but illogically they know more than you. They simply cannot understand how it is possible. Win and you got lucky. Lose and they are correct. Basically ‘you know nothing!’

5) Don’t Say A Word About Gambling

The best approach to not being anti social in your gambling is to skip to number (5) and just don’t experience the toils and tribulations which hit you on the head like one of those whack-a-mole games. All people will bring you is a sack load of problem, knock your spirits and you’ll feel abused by a bunch of idiots.

What traits do successful gamblers possess

What traits do successful gamblers possessGambling success

It could be challenging to achieve gambling success. For many, it’s just a game of luck, but for those who are genuinely committed to their career and want to succeed greatly, several qualities help to distinguish them. Among these qualities are self-control, emotional restraint, game understanding, and discipline. It is vital to first understand what sets successful gamblers apart from unsuccessful ones to understand what makes successful gamblers successful.

Knowledge: Research and strategy

When it comes to gambling, knowledge is key. Research has shown that players who take the time to do their research and develop an effective strategy are more likely to win in the long run. Knowing when to place a bet, which games have the best odds, and how much money should be wagered are all important aspects of forming a successful gambling strategy.

Discipline: Self-control

Knowing when to stop—or when to start at all—and resisting the urge to act out of passion or greed are key components of discipline. A responsible gambler can make reasoned decisions and never lets their feelings cloud their judgment. They are aware of when to give up and how to manage their resources to stay ahead of the competition.

Risk Management: Bet size and odds

Risk management is one of the most important traits a successful gambler needs to possess. While luck may play an important role in winning or losing any game, it is the ability to manage the risk that will ensure long-term success. Bet size and odds are key components of effective risk management strategies for any gambler.

When betting, it’s essential to control the size of your wagers relative to your bankroll. Setting aside a certain portion of each win can help build up a larger bankroll and provide more freedom when making bets in the future.

Emotion: Managing feelings

Successful gamblers have a few characteristics that help them stay on top of their game when it comes to gambling. Any gambler who wants to succeed must possess the ability to control their emotions. Being able to keep your composure amid a competitive match or a challenging circumstance can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Financial Management: Bankroll management

Good money management, like other sorts of investing, is vital for gambling success. Bankroll management is one of the most important skills a gambler can have when it comes to managing their money. In the context of gambling, financial management means retaining control over your finances and determining how much risk you can tolerate.


In conclusion, successful gamblers possess several key traits which enable them to achieve their goals. Firstly, they must have a good understanding of the game and its strategies. Secondly, they must be emotionally resilient, able to remain calm under pressure, and make accurate decisions quickly. Thirdly, successful gamblers must also have excellent money management skills to be able to budget appropriately and keep track of wins and losses.

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5 Emotions You May Recognise At The Casino

5 Emotions You May Recognise At The CasinoUnless you are a robot, you have emotions. In fact, Carroll Izzard identified 10 primary emotions. I’m sure gamblers will recognise a number which all have an impact on your behaviour if not your long term health. From personal experience, I can appreciate how stressful a losing run can be, painful not only in mind but pocket too. However, emotions aren’t all negative so let’s take a look at these 5 emotions which play a part in your casino experience whether good, bad or indifferent.

1) Interest

They say curiosity killed the cat. But your interest in gambling or the casino experience saw you head to your local venue or perhaps a holiday such as a cruise. Basically it has caught your focus and curiosity. Gambling releases a number of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, opioid and glutamate. They are related to both the good side of gambling and bad, such as gambling pathology and psychopathology. For this reason all who take an interest in gambling should be careful not to get in the grip of their emotions or addiction.

2) Shame

Perhaps few people gamble and feel shame. You would consider if you feel it is a shameful act you wouldn’t take part although often the temptation to bet can be strong. Certainly many different religions would view gambling as a sin. Also, you may feel shame if your friends and family view your interest as immoral which leads to embarrassment or humiliation. If you feel such emotion you may question whether gambling is for you.

3) Anger

If you’ve had a bad day at the office (casino, bookmakers, online poker) and lost a lot of cash – or even a small amount – you may well feel angry with yourself or those around you. Anger is defined as a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility. Anger related to gambling is rooted in frustration. You should never bet when angry or continue if you are feeling angry or direct your anger at casino staff. Remember, it is your problem and not someone else. If you feel this emotion take a break or better still go home and assess if gambling is for you. If gambling affects your personal relationships especially your family then stop.

4) Disgust

If you suffer this emotion, you probably have a gambling problem either a compulsion or addiction. A definition of disgust is a feeling of revulsion or strong disapproval. This may be from yourself or others. If you feel disgusted by your behaviour or financial loss then you should take a break or knock betting on the head. If you are struggling to stop gambling then seek professional help. You may be suffering from addiction which is a psychopathology.

5) Joy

After so many negative emotions let’s take a look at the joy a small or especially big win can bring. That’s the roller coaster ride that gambling gives and the buzz so much associated by many who simply enjoy a bet or suffer from addiction. There is nothing better than the feeling of pleasure walking home with a pocket of cash.

All these emotions and more can be experiences on a single night at the casino. Always reflect on your feelings because they are the reality of the experience. If your life is in anyway way made more negative from gambling then you have a responsibility to yourself and family to change. There is more to life.

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol While Gambling

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Drink Alcohol While Gambling Lots of people love a drink. The problem being where do you draw the line between being sober and drunk. Most people slip past midway without a thought and some go on to oblivion. But drinking alcohol and gambling can be one of those problem areas that we can fall into without appreciating the consequences. Personally, I do have a pint or two (sometimes none depending how I feel and what I am doing) but rarely over three. That’s on a non gambling day. I’m more careful if betting. Should we really think before we drink when it comes to placing a bet? What are the odds it will be a bad decision? Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t take a sip of Grandpa’s medicine.

1) I’ll Only Have A Pint

I don’t know about you, but all those times I ended up with the hangover from hell came after uttering those words. A swift half turned into yard of ale, a few rugby songs and staggering home in the early hours which seemed to take hours. So now when I’m considering going to the horse racing or casino I decide what I’m drinking so it isn’t an open ended question. From my experience, betting and drink don’t mix.

2) It’s A Long Day

If you go to the races and the casino it’s a long day made even longer by alcohol. You can find yourself drinking too much at the races (costly too just the beer) and you can start losing your sense and bet like there’s no tomorrow. If you start chasing your losses you can soon find yourself in a hole. Then you’re at the casino from perhaps 7:30pm onwards. It’s truly hard work and a bad idea. I doubt anyone has figured it was a good decision.

3) The Cost Of Drinking

Not only is drinking expensive but it can addle your mind. Don’t drink alcohol and bet. If you are thinking about having a heavy night of betting then don’t touch a drop. It won’t do you any favours and the casino may well ask you to leave or suggest you stop gambling as they don’t want some lawsuit against them or fear how this could impact on their licence. You cannot think straight after too much liquor and if you don’t lose all your cash you will wake up with a bad head.

4) Bad Company

Drinking heavily can see your behaviour changed markedly. You simply wouldn’t say these things if sober. If you are loud, argumentative or a bit too flirty at the gaming tables then don’t be surprised if you are asked to leave. These people are doing their job not looking after the inebriated. Have a little respect for yourself and others else it may come back to haunt you.

5) It’s Time To Go Home

You may have had such a drink that you feel you could fight Mike Tyson with one arm behind your back. However, the reality is that you can’t walk in a straight line, talk with any sense or make a logical decision. You’re pissed! You never know who is watching you at the casino but someone is especially if you have won a few quid. You are vulnerable to a mugging or confronted by someone sober who think you look an easier option than the next 6/4 favourite. Don’t take your chance going outside or walking to your hotel because you may not get there. There’s a chance you will fall flat on your face without a push.

Drinking is bad news if you’re a gambler.

Sober up.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Gamble

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t GambleEven after some 30+ years of gambling – I’m still learning. Which should tell any novice or would be professional gambler something. It’s far from easy to beat the bookies and impossible (without cheating) to take the casinos for a ride.

True, you can get lucky. I didn’t say you needed skill to make a fortune gambling but if you don’t have knowledge then you had best pray you are that one in a million who strikes it lucky. It happens every day of the year to someone. As the adverts says: ‘’It could be you!’’

Reality says it won’t.

Gambling in films is both glamourised and vilified. James Bond will always win whichever number he chooses. Lady luck won’t just touch his cards!

But should a novice gambler really pin their hopes on making some easy money?

Here are five reasons why you are best keeping your money in your pocket.

1) What Makes A Winner?

You may be thinking if only I had enough money I could make my gambling pay. The idea being that you can bet £10,000 to win £1,000 on every 1/10f and you are guaranteed to win money. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Isn’t it? Sadly, its not that easy at all. In fact, being a successful gambler takes so much time and dedication you may be better off simply getting an average job. Because what makes a professional gambler isn’t really to do with money (you need it to bet that’s for sure) but knowledge is key. And if you think money is hard to come by, then winning knowledge is an even rarer commodity. It will take you years to know that little more than most and there still is no guarantee you will be living the Bond lifestyle.

2) Can You Even Get An Account?

Bookmakers, casinos, and umpteen establishments which encourage you to bet will tell you a different story if they think – let alone show them – you are a winner rather than a loser. They will close your account without any reason. So not only do you need to win money but look like you are a loser (it’s possible but you should know this for yourself). You simply cannot bet and win without someone taking an interest. And trust me, they won’t be wanting to help you win more money.

3) Gambling Is A Full-time Job

You won’t be working the normal 9-5. When all your mates are down the pub on a Saturday evening you will be getting ready for a day if not weekend of bets. You may think all these things can be done earlier and you simply can do as you please without any hindrance to your life or plans. If you believe that, you are living in cloud cuckoo land. Gambling will take over your life. You will feel like you are on a conveyor belt. Keep up or fall behind. Fall behind and you may as well give up. There will always be someone to take advantage of any mistake. You have to be professional at all times.

4) Can You Cope With The Stress?

Gambling is so very easy when everything is going well and the money is flooding in. It’s a joyous time where you live the life of luxury, the jet-set lifestyle, everything is possible and then it all goes wrong. It might not, but you will be wise to consider how do you cope when that losing run goes on and on and you fear it will never end? Your ample supply of money is dwindling and you start to question what you are thinking or doing. You are looking for answers to questions. And that is even more of a worry than the predicament you are already in. Because you will often swap one problem with another until you have no confidence left to bet with skill. Betting and winning is all about confidence. But how do you find that when it slips away? The stress is something few non gamblers will ever experience. It’s far from a day at the races.

5) Is The Gamble Worthwhile?

For 99.9% the dream of being a professional gambler is in truth a nightmare waiting to happen. The time and experience you need to be of a winning standard isn’t something you will acquire easily. It will take you years to get halfway there. Even then there is no guarantee. Knowledge and wisdom change over time. There will be a need to adapt to maintain that level of ability. But with every change you bring uncertainty. You will move one step forward and two back. With every season you will face pressures and stress that most people aren’t capable of succeeding. Gambling is a journey where you only see those important questions all too late. Questions you hadn’t even considered will appear before you. They all need answers. For all but a few, gambling isn’t a worthwhile pursuit. You are more likely to lose money than win unless you are the exception to the rule.

You will need to be disciplined and fanatical with a mindset as hard as steel.

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