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The Top 5 Sports Favored by Professional Gamblers

The Top 5 Sports Favored by Professional GamblersIntroduction

Professional gambling is a unique pursuit that requires a blend of skill, knowledge, and strategy. While gamblers can wager on various sports, certain sports tend to attract the attention of professionals more than others. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 sports favored by professional gamblers and delve into the reasons why these sports are particularly enticing for those seeking an edge in the betting world.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has a storied history in the world of gambling, and it remains a favorite among professional bettors. Several factors make horse racing an attractive choice:

Data Availability: Extensive data on past performances, horse form, jockey statistics, and track conditions provide a wealth of information for analysis.

Variability of Bets: Horse racing offers a diverse range of bets, from simple win/place/show bets to exotic wagers like exactas and trifectas, allowing professionals to craft complex strategies.

Edge in Information: Professional gamblers often have access to insider information, further increasing their chances of making informed bets.

Football (Soccer)

Football, or soccer, is the world’s most popular sport, and its massive following attracts professional gamblers for several reasons:

Wide Betting Markets: Football offers a vast array of betting markets, including match outcomes, goalscorers, corners, and more, allowing professionals to diversify their strategies.

Global Accessibility: The sport’s global nature means that there are matches happening around the world every day, providing ample opportunities for betting.

Statistical Analysis: Football’s rich statistical data, including player and team performance metrics, enables professionals to employ data-driven strategies.

American Football (NFL)

American football, particularly the National Football League (NFL), is a favorite of professional gamblers for several compelling reasons:

Limited Season: The NFL has a relatively short regular season, allowing professionals to focus their efforts on a smaller number of games, which can lead to more in-depth analysis.

Betting Markets: The NFL offers a wide range of betting markets, including point spreads, totals, and player-specific props, providing diverse opportunities.

In-Game Betting: The stop-and-start nature of American football allows for extensive in-game betting options, which can be advantageous for professionals.

Basketball (NBA)

Basketball, specifically the National Basketball Association (NBA), attracts professional gamblers due to its dynamic nature and numerous betting opportunities:

High Scoring: Basketball’s high-scoring games create a fast-paced and exciting environment for bettors.

Prop Bets: The NBA offers a variety of prop bets related to individual player performance, making it appealing for professionals who can specialize in player analysis.

Injury Impact: Injuries can significantly affect the outcome of NBA games, and professionals skilled in injury analysis can gain an edge.


Tennis, although an individual sport, has garnered a strong following among professional gamblers for the following reasons:

Player-Specific Analysis: Tennis allows professionals to focus on individual player performance, injury status, and playing style.

In-Play Betting: Live betting during tennis matches is popular among professionals, as they can quickly react to changing circumstances on the court.

International Circuit: Tennis events are held globally throughout the year, providing consistent betting opportunities.


Professional gamblers gravitate toward certain sports due to a combination of factors such as data availability, betting markets, and the potential for gaining an informational edge. Horse racing, football (soccer), American football (NFL), basketball (NBA), and tennis are among the top sports favored by professionals for their unique characteristics and opportunities for strategic advantage. However, it’s important to note that success in professional gambling requires a deep understanding of the chosen sport, disciplined bankroll management, and a commitment to continuous learning and research.

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5 Pros And Cons About Multibets

5 Pros And Cons About MultibetsYou’ve seen that lucky punter who won £1M with a 10p bet. He picked out 9 winning horses and the final selection won by a nose. It must be fate! It all seems so easy when you read it in the papers. But we all know that multibets: Yankees, Canadians, Super Heinz etc. A small stake to win a fortune. A chance to change your life. Who could blame someone for that hope? It is something that motivates all gamblers. It could be you! But what are the pros and cons of chancing your luck on a multibet? Here are my 5 thoughts.

1) A One In A Million Chance

There is a lot to be said about giving yourself a chance however remote. Without hope we are hopeless. If making a small bet gives you, me, them, us a chance to win a fortune then go for it. True, the likelihood of losing is more than winning but that can be said for most things in life. Even the biggest ‘certainty’ is uncertain. Ask all those multi millionaires whether buying that lucky ticket was a good decision. You don’t need me to answer the question. Thank your lucky stars it was you than someone else.

2) Do Bookmakers Love Multibets?

They most certainly do. In fact, they probably account for the majority of their profits. In fact, mutlibets are often associated with mug punters. Those who are perineal losers. Bookmakers tempt punter with these type of bets with bonuses and enhancements.

3) What Is The Best Way To Win With Multibets?

Now there’s a question. The weakness with most multibets is that punters use them as a way to chance their luck. They consider such bets give reason to bet on the big priced outsiders. There is nothing wrong with betting on big priced selections but the key factor to winning is each selection is strong. In fact, you have to be ultra selective to protect your stake. For example, in a Canadian wager, which consists of 26 bets, one loser equates to 15 bets. It’s crazy to think that one loss is worth more than the rest of the bets put together. This is why you really cannot afford one loser which makes you realise why instead of pushing your luck with such bets you need to be more careful.

4) Should You Have Short Priced Selections In Your Multibet?

This is a subject which most punters have varied opinions. I have placed such bets and on the odd occasion had an even money shot in an each way accumulator. I’ve been criticised by other punters as thinking it is absurd. However, I think they are mistaken or foolish when you consider how important it is to find winners rather than not. The answer to any question is whether long term such bets make a profit. If they do, then those who assume they know more are wrong. Bet for yourself, it’s your money.

5) Why You Shouldn’t Continue With Multibets

The answer is simple. It’s the same for all betting, if you lose money on a regular basis then it is time to call it a day. Gambling shouldn’t, ideally, be about the buzz or fun, but that’s the way for most who simply don’t have the time or passion to turn their hobby into a profession. Keep a record of your profit and loss. If you go into the red for a fair sum of money give up.

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5 Gambling Venues To Visit At Great Yarmouth

5 Gambling Venues To Visit At Great YarmouthAs a holiday destination the Norfolk coast has lots to offer – from Heacham all the way to Lowestoft and beyond. Stop three-quarters way round and you will be at Great Yarmouth. A place where we had our family holidays as young children (including Caister-on-sea, which is a stone’s throw away) and enjoy all the fun of the fair, days on the beach, arcades aplenty and even experience thoroughbred horse racing. In memory of my late father, Colin, we go to the Eastern Festival every September, a merry pilgrimage of family and friends to reflect on those who are no longer with us and raise a drink to the ones we love. As you may have gleaned from this introduction Great Yarmouth is a place gambling fans head for a true betting experience. Take a look at these 5 gambling venues.

1) Great Yarmouth Racecourse

Not a million miles from the headquarters of Newmarket, means Great Yarmouth is a racecourse associated with top-class horse trainers and quality horses. A Flat racing course with a straight mile and a lovely place to enjoy a day or three racing. The course isn’t over big and a little bit dated but a grandstand which not only looks over a winning post but a sea view. With race meetings from April to October you have plenty of time to visit. All the fun of the seaside you really are onto a winner.

2) Great Yarmouth Greyhound Racing (Located at Caister-on sea)

I can’t say I have ever been to a greyhound meeting but I know my dad, family and friends used to go to the horses in the day and venture to the dogs at night. A mix that saw many suffering great losses in the early days of their holiday, borrowing money from those who were more financially stable or had a bit of luck. A track opened in 1940. Racing every Monday (6:20), Wednesday (6:25) and Saturday (7:00). Plus additional meetings including the Derby Festival in September 14th with a price of £15,000.

3) Grosvenor Casino

A venue I have frequented on many occasions. A beautiful grade II listed building Shadingfield Lodge which has been in the ownership of the great and the good since it’s building in the late 19th century. A lovely restaurant on the ground floor and the gaming room in the basement. Plenty of action including slots, blackjack, 3-card poker, roulette live and terminals. A very professional outfit and staff are exceptional. One of the better settings for a casino and on the seafront, across the road from the Wellington Pier. You don’t need membership to have some gambling fun. Join their mailing list to get plenty of offers, incentives and promotion which, for small bettors, puts the odds in your favour. You won’t be disappointed. Also, the Palace Casino is worth a visit, down Church Plain.

4) Golden Mile

Like most seaside locations Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile offers all the tourist trapping with shops, restaurants and arcades. Regent Road is vibrant and full of life with locals and holiday makers alike. Enjoy the Landaus Station for a horse and carriage ride, Sea Life Centre, Britannia Pier, Pleasure Beach, Cinema, The Hippodrome Circus, Wellington Pier, Castaway Island Crazy Golf, Merrivale Model Village, Great Yarmouth Road Train and so much more. Including a vast number of arcades including The Mint, The Flamingo, Caesar’s Fun Palace, Magic City and traditional bingo. Literally all the fun of the fair.

5) Super Casino

There was talk of a £35M super casino and leisure complex which was almost given the go ahead by Gordon Brown back in 2008. However, such bold plans have been put on hold and we await further developments.

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5 Bets Based On Skill

5 Bets Based On SkillIf you had two possible bets which would you choose: Roulette or Horse Racing? You may consider based on your enjoyment. However, you should be thinking one is fixed odds while the other is skill based. The reason this is important is that fixed odds are impossible to win money over time. For example, however you bet on roulette you will never be able to change the odds being slightly against you. It doesn’t mean you cannot win if you are lucky. However, the longer you play the more money you will lose. It doesn’t matter which system you use you cannot change those odds. You may have an approach which seemingly delays the inevitable like the Martingale System but you simply cannot change a loser into a winner. Whereas skill based betting is actually based on your knowledge and ability. That’s why a Grand Master chess player is going to beat you easily. Take a look at these 5 bets based on skill and their pros and cons.

1) Horse racing

Thoroughbred horse racing gives punters a fair crack of the whip to make their betting pay. However, you will need to have a niche (you can’t know everything and don’t need to) and work in a professional manner. If you are betting for fun or the buzz you may as well give up because the chance of you winning money from a layer is zero. As with all knowledge you need to be better than most. If you are not an expert in your field you can guarantee someone else will be and they will use that knowledge against you.

2) Blackjack

By all accounts blackjack is fixed odds and the casino know for a fact if you bet level stake you will lose over time. You simply cannot beat the bank. There is one exception and that is card counting which can be done quite easily so you know you have the cards on your side. This technique was employed in the early days of casinos with individuals plying their trade unknown to those losing money. However, those days are gone and card counting is something all casinos look out for and they don’t take kindly to people winning money via this skill. In fact, they will ask you to play level stake or leave. Most casinos know you are card counting because you will bet small and then very large stakes. This is a giveaway. Some card counting teams work together which makes it more difficult to spot but it is very hard to disguise.

3) Greyhound racing

Another sport that is based on skill. I don’t have any particular knowledge of this subject matter but people have made vast sums of money using systems and basic skills in assessing form.

4) Weather It Will Snow

That’s right some people bet on the weather. You may have heard of punters betting on whether it will snow on Christmas day or not but most bookmakers will lay odds on certain eventualities. If you know when a rainbow will appear over the Statue Of Liberty, you may have found your pot of gold.

5) Football

Another giant betting market that punters enjoy. If you know all about your team then you may have the odds in your favour.

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