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5 Ways To Get Higher Status At Las Vegas Casinos & Bet For Free

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5 Ways To Get Higher Status At Las Vegas Casinos & Bet For FreeIf you want to know the latest news about Las Vegas and gambling I suggest JacobslifeinVegas which is a fantastic YouTube channel about Las Vegas: Real Estate, Food, Travel, Vlogs.

Anyway, I recently noticed Jacob’s video titled: How To Be A Vegas High Roller For Free and he has a great angle on how to build up your status by going from one casino to another and get as he says: ‘Hundreds of thousands of dollars of value for free in Las Vegas’ using a strategy which caught my attention.

It’s helpful for you and the casino so a double whammy if you’ve ever seen one.

Tell me a casino that doesn’t want to get new players.

This is bringing flashback of Louis Theroux in Las Vegas and the Mattress King Allan Erlick.

God help us…

As Jacob says: ‘Always check out the info when in Vegas’ as things move fast in Sin City so don’t come moaning at me if the higher status angle has disappeared by the time you get there.

The word on the street is status matching or tier matching.

No idea what it means, then listen closely.

When you have earned a status at one casino you go to another and sign up for their card and they will (hopefully) give you a higher status than their competitors. If you do this correctly, Jacob says you won’t have to gamble a single penny.

This is the type of betting we all need!

In fact, Jacob says we are going to make some fast cash.

What you need to do is apply for a Station Casino credit card and this gives you platinum status which gives you many opportunities of match or tier status.

Jacob starts at Station Casino where he was approved for the credit card (this is what you need to do to get closer to the free cash).

You have to give basic info about your earnings, where you work, rent you pay etc, to get approved. I’m not sure if this would be easy to get if not a national (travelling from the UK may be a problem so you will need to check that out). Anyway, Jacob was approved for $6,300 in credit. What you get is 50,000 point or a $50 free bet. Go to the desk and they will give you $50 in cash. (The easiest money you will ever make at the casino).

However, there is more to come if you play your cards right.

The casino he goes to is Caesar’s…

Get ready for the good stuff.

The platinum card is the key to the mint. You got this status and $50 free bet for free.

As casinos don’t share their database (as they are private companies) you can take advantage of your higher status of credit. What you are doing is using your knowledge of how the casino promotions work to get the most value from them.

Go to Caesar’s Palace Casino and take your platinum card to the rewards counter and you should be upgraded to the Diamond credit card which really opens the floodgates for free money at other casinos.

Once you’ve status matched to Diamond (however, you can only do this if you are a first time member).

Very important detail.

(There is another workaround for members which you can get for your after year but you really need to check out Jacob’s YouTube channel to learn about that).

I know what you’re saying: ‘What does the Diamond card get you?’

Here goes: You get all this when staying at Caesar’s Palace Casino

No Resort Fees
No Resort Fee Tax
Dedicated Check-in
Comp Offers
Free Parking

(I’m liking this…)

You can sign up online but it is often best to do it in person as the person on the desk get a $5 reward too which is good for all.

If you get approved for the card you get it there and then.

No waiting.

Next Jacob took his Caesar’s Diamond card to Unity Players at Hard Rock where he status matched to legend card.

With this card you get:

$25 Food & Beverage Credit
$50 Food & Beverage Credit
or $27 free Play
Free Parking

(The tier match lasts for 6-months)

Next Jacob heads to Resorts World where they offer status matching (although it’s not on their website so something of a secret).

Thanks, Jacob.

As with most casinos you need to be a first-time sign-up with the player’s club to get anything.

They will status match you with Prime.

From Hard Rock he goes to Sahara. Using the Caesar’s Diamond card you can status match to Legend (infinity). You don’t get all the rewards without some play but your card to get to another level.

Next he heads to Golden Gate Hotel & Casino at downtown Las Vegas.

Transfer Caesar’s Diamond to Club One Maverick.

Jacob says to get all these cards you would have to coin in a total of $193,333 slots and video poker $437,500. With status matching you get them all for free.

The most simple starting point is to get your Caesar’s Diamond Club Card and you can status match from there with many casinos.

Visit Jacob’s video here and join his mailing list to get lots of updates (just like this) which give you the inside edge on Las Vegas.

Great stuff!

*Please note this post is for informational purposes only. Always seek independent financial advice when taking out credit cards.