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5 Superheroes ‘’Enjoy A Night’’ At The Casino

5 Superheroes ‘’Enjoy A Night’’ At The CasinoWho doesn’t love a Superhero?

I’m sure many a time you have fantasised about wearing your pants over your tights, donning a cape and flying through the skies looking to save some damsel in distress. For those living in the Fens it’s a daily hope to escape the mundane life of being a farmer on 500 acres of black gold.

No wonder I enjoy a visit to my local brick-and-mortar casino, which sees me heading towards Great Yarmouth, with a pocketful of money, a room for the night, and a hope and a prayer that lucky number 35 comes in.

Sometime it does, sometime it doesn’t.

Thankfully, although no one believes me, I am winning a good bit of money from my visits to Grosvenor Casino. I’ve not added it up but a few hundred in profit. Not bad considering I’m far from a super hero.

I’m sure you’d rather talk about Superman, Aquaman, Black Canary, Hellboy, Wolverine and Zatara.

You know, I’m writing these names from a list because beyond a couple I may as well be talking Noddy and Big Ears.

Anyway, just set the scene. The final part of the blockbuster Super Hero film (you can come up with your own title), set in a casino, playing one of the many games, and one the winning turn of a card, roll or a dice, or ka-ching of a slot machine, your superhero (fill in the blank) saves the day.

So let’s take a look at 5 casino moment favourite superhero turns up at the casino. What happens next?

Probably the most famous of all superheroes. Even I’ve heard of this one and watched many a film over the years, not read one word from a comic, but that’s how it goes with us lesser interested types.

Superman –

Real name: Clark Kent

Birthplace: Krypton

Who does he love: Lois Lane

Nemesis: Lex Luthor

Weakness: Kryptonite

The blockbuster scene: While playing 3-card poker, his arch enemy Lex Luthor had sprinkled a small amount of green kryptonite on the ace of hearts. Thinking he was onto a winner with a prial aces, he slumped to the floor, weakened to the exposure of the toxic chemical. However, a quick-thinking assistant at the Grosvenor knocked the cards out of his hand, and he revived to fly off into the sunset to save a girl called Carol who was struggling in a bog off the Norfolk broads.

Aquaman –

Real name: Arthur Curry

Birthplace: Atlantis

Who does he love: Mera, wife

Nemesis: Black Manta

Weakness: Arthur Curry, fear of water

The blockbuster scene: While playing poker, Aquaman notices his nemesis playing on another table. He bets his life that he has the winning hand. Crazy? No, as sitting behind Black Manta is an aquarium and a sucker fish can see he’s holding a losing hand. Through marine telepathy, Aquaman goes full-in and wins the gamble.

Black Canary –

Real name: Dinah Drake Lance

Birthplace: –

Who does she love: Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow

Nemesis: Vertigo

Weakness: Sick Throat

The blockbuster scene: Sitting at the gaming table, Black Canary twists to reveal 21 and just about to collect a stack of $100 chips. Feeling dizzy, she notices Vertigo in the crowd, no doubt after her boyfriend Oliver Queen aka The Green Arrow. She uttered her sonic scream powerful enough to shatter metal and stone. Vertigo left the casino fearing it was about to fall around her ears.

Hellboy – 

Real name: Anung Un Rama – The Beast of the Apocalypse

Birthplace: Hell

Who does he love: Alice Monaghan

Nemesis: Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin

Weakness: Short tempered vulnerable to holy attacks

Blockbuster scene: Hellboy sat at the roulette table with the Samaritan by his side. He cheered as number 32 (Red) came up only to see Rasputin was the croupier who instead of pushing a stash of chips his way pushed a bomb. It went off… What happened next (unknown).

Wolverine –

Real Name: James Howlette, Logan

Birthplace: Alberta, Canada

Who does he love: Jean Elaine Grey

Nemesis: Sabretooth (Victor Creed)

Weakness: Magnets

Blockbuster scene: At the bar at the Palm Beach Casino, London. He notices some dust on the seat next to him. Brushing it away he looks around with fear in his eyes. He swallows down a fireball (cinnamon whiskey) and charges into the gaming room searching for his nemesis Sabretooth who was enjoying craps. Snake eye! A fight ensues and it’s one hell of a mess.

Who says you need to be a superhero to gamble.

Author: Zatara.

Photo: Pixabay (free)