The Top 7 Slot Machine cheats that have plagued casinos

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Modern slot machines can only be manipulated virtually, making it challenging to trick them. Though they are much more vulnerable in their physical form, some cunning people have tried to con their way to great success. While some have been successful, others have either been incarcerated or are no longer allowed to attend casinos. The top seven casino cheats or methods of cheating throughout history are listed below.

1. A con man

A con artist’s mind is always coming up with new dishonest schemes. If humans are too much of a risk, then a machine should be a far easier target. Louis Colavecchio was a con man who fooled casinos for a long time by using counterfeit coins to play slot machines. In reality, the expert forger was known simply as “The Coin.” After conducting an investigation, the police discovered cutting-edge counterfeiting tools during a subsequent search. In 1998, he was finally apprehended and thrown into prison. He was released but immediately returned to prison for cheating at casinos.

2. Internal Job

Due to the high level of sophistication of modern slot machines, the only person who could even attempt to deceive these digital devices would be an insider who has a considerable understanding of computer programming and the inner workings of slots. In his capacity as an employee of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Ronald Dale Harris was responsible for monitoring the proper functioning of the slot machines found in various casinos. He gave in to temptation and abused the privilege of having such information. Harris was able to produce spins as a result of his comprehension of the codes that were required. Following his victory in 1998 of $100,000, he received an excessive amount of attention, which led to the conclusion of the game.

3. Attached Strings

To trigger a payout from an older slot machine, all that was required was to insert an item that was out of the usual into the appropriate slot. Gamblers often used the tactic of tying a coin to a piece of string and then removing it from the machine after the game had already begun. This allowed them to get an advantage over other players. This guaranteed that the guests would have a nice time and the property would make money.

4. An Exact Shave

New methods of cheating the system appeared once light sensors were included in slot machines to keep track of players’ payments. Some of them made use of nearly any technology and demanded that coins be shaved off to fool light and optic sensors into thinking that gamblers are entitled to free slot play.

5. Tommy Glen Carmichael

One of the most well-known casino con artists ever is Carmichael. His methods for tricking slot machine sensors were named and rose to legendary status. His invention, the Light Wand, was largely responsible for his impressive victories. As a result, wins would be greatly inflated. This would make slot machine sensors go blind and prevent them from registering the initial stake.

6. Trick using Piano Wire

It wasn’t an easy scam to pull off, but gamblers did jam the wheel rotation clock by inserting a 20-inch piano wire into the slots, which might have affected the spins.

7. Magnetism

In the end, the tried-and-true method for winning at ancient slots was also the most straightforward. To influence the outcomes of slot machine spins, strong magnets were used.