Your Guide To The Perfect Casino Trip

Your Guide To The Perfect Casino Trip

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A trip to the casino can be a great experience. Whether it is for an afternoon, evening or weekend it can really make a special occasion with others and you may even get lucky and win some cash. However, like all trips it is best to plan what you are going to be doing just to keep you on the straight and narrow. Sure, you want to enjoy your time but you don’t want things to get out of control and return home with regrets. This article details a brief checklist of things you should do before heading to the casino.

How To Manage Your Bankroll

To be fair, a lot of people don’t even think how much money they should be taking to the casino. Perhaps you just rely on topping up any losses with a credit card. This can get very messy if you don’t have some idea of what you are doing. The classic maxim: ‘Bet what you can afford to lose!’ I know it might sound like your Dad talking to you about the birds and the bees but you don’t want to be naive. If you don’t know where to find that stop button you will spend, spend spend until you have a face like a wet weekend. Set out the money you want to play with and go from there. You shouldn’t just think how much money you will spend but also how much each game. Many experts suggest playing from 3% – 5% of your bankroll. However, it really depends on the time you are betting too. Whatever you choose, stick to your bankroll.

Which Games To Play

Whether you are an experienced player or betting for the first time, it’s likely you are more familiar with some games than others. For example, I tend to play roulette or blackjack as the house edge (especially playing in Europe with the single zero) is more favourable. You may enjoy playing poker best. It pays to have a plan an idea of what games you want to play. If not, you will be attracted to everything and anything. Like Shiny Object Syndrome, where you go from one game to the next or those with the most excited crowds. Also, slots with their flashing lights and noise can be attractive. They have some of the highest house edges so make pretty poor value. Stick to the games that give you the best chance of winning.

Who Are You Going To The Casino With?

This might seems an insignificant question. However, it is important for a number of reasons. The people who you are with can have a big impact on the day you are likely to have and how you behave. It’s best to go with like-minded people who are interested in winning money rather than having a crazy time. You should bet, drink and behave in a manner that suits you as an individual rather than keeping up with others. It can be a recipe for disaster and may even find you getting put in jail. By the way, did you eve hear about a prison with a casino? Or leave those big venues to one side and visit the smallest casino in the world. Don’t bet more that you can afford to lose. You know your friends and be careful not to get carried away. It never ends well.

Play Online Before

This isn’t a prerequisite but it may do you a favour. Why? Because it is good to familiarise yourself with different games so you understand the rules and so you can enjoy the experience rather than learn at the table which may be frustrating for the croupier or others around you. You can play online with fake money or get a free bankroll which means it doesn’t cost you to learn. This gives you a chance to learn about bankroll management and progressive betting systems. Experience is the most valued tool for any casino gambler.

Know When To Walk Away

Kenny Roger’s classic Gambler Song said it all: ‘Know when to walk away’ because this has been a weakness for many a gambler. It would have resulted in a much better outcome. Sometimes winning can be as much a problem as losing if you don’t know when to stop. For example, you are winning £200. You consider you would like to win a little bit more before calling it a day. It seems more appealing. However, this mindset will lead you to problems. You will always be looking for that little bit more but it has no end. It will lead you into the red and you will regret ever thinking about building your winnings to a higher level. You need gambling discipline and set a winning limit. A sum which sees you walk away with extra money in your pocket. You’ve met your goal and can go home with no regrets. Make sure the number is realistic and not too lofty. You don’t want to set yourself an impossible task. When you hit that number keep to your own advise.


A trip to the casino can be some of the best fun you’ve had all year. Win or lose the excitement is usually worth the trip. The outcome of all play is out of your hands. You are relying on lady luck. Stick to your plan and you will have a great time.